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The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) was established in 2002 in response to a need for collaboration in the mathematical sciences to strengthen mathematics and statistics especially in the universities. The Fields Institute and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences have influenced AMSI's structure and operations.

AMSI has a membership that includes most Australian universities, CSIRO, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Bureau of Meteorology and Defence Science and Technology Organisation. AMSI is located at Monash University.


AMSI pursues its mission through its three key program areas:

  • School Education
  • Research & Higher Education
  • Industry, Business & Government

School Education Program[edit]

AMSI's School Education program was established in 2004 under the International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics (ICE-EM). Through ICE-EM a sequence of mathematics texts, teacher resources and professional development for school years 5-10 were developed.

In 2009 the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations provided funding for the extension of ICE-EM activities under The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) project. This funded an expansion of the teach professional development program across Australia, the development of teacher resource modules for years 5-10, and Maths: Make your career count - a suite of materials to promote careers in mathematics.

In work by Frank Barrington and Peter Brown, ICE-EM collected and published data on national enrolments in mathematics at year 12 and made a careful state-by-state comparison of year 12 curricula.[citation needed]

Research & Higher Education Program[edit]


The AMSI Research Program expands and improves the mathematical sciences research base in Australia. The program promotes collaboration between member institutions and with international researchers and gives students at member institutions networking opportunities.[citation needed]

AMSI provides workshop sponsorship allocated through its Scientific Advisory Committee to AMSI Members. AMSI also sponsors annual AMSI Lecturers and the AustMS Mahler Lecturer.

Funding from the Department of Education, Science and Training enabled the establishment of the AMSI Access Grid Room (AGR) network. The AGR network facilitates distributed lectures, teaching and research. A national program of collaborative teaching of advanced mathematics at honours level at multiple remote sites is now established.

Industry, Business and Government Program[edit]

AMSI highlights the relevance of mathematics to industry through wide-ranging industry-linked activities including:

  • AMSI's internship program - AMSI Intern
  • Industry workshops
  • Mathematical and statistical consulting services

The activities showcase the benefits of using mathematical tools in business, industry and government.

AMSI Intern[edit]

AMSI Intern is a national program that links postgraduate students and their university supervisors across all disciplines with industry partners through short-term 4-5 month tightly focused partner research internships. The postgraduate student is supported by an academic mentor from the host university throughout the internship placement period.


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