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Newsbrief was the working title for the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) plan, codenamed Project Phoenix, to launch an international news-based magazine.[1][2] The project was to be BBC Magazines' largest-ever investment when released in 2007.[3] The original 2006 release date was pushed back. The magazine will be tied closely with the BBC's flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight.[4] In 2006, BBC Magazines' Sales Director Ashley Munday moved into a new development role in preparation for the launching of the magazine.[5] Peter Phippen, BBC Magazines' Managing Director had planned on the release of a news-based magazine since mid-1990s.

PATA was expected to correspond with BBC World for Project Phoenix on a subproject, Travel Profiles, to promote Asian-Pacific travel.[6] Other promotions were to be done by CNN International and National Geographic, and in print titles such as TIME, Fortune, and Newsweek.[7] Australia, Canada, Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore were to be the biggest contributors to the project.[8]


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