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General Hospital is the longest-running American television serial drama, airing on ABC.[1] Created by Frank and Doris Hursley, who originally set it in a general hospital (hence the title), in an unnamed fictional city. In the 1970s, the city was named Port Charles, New York.[2] The series premiered on April 1, 1963.[1] The following are characters from the American soap opera General Hospital, who are notable for being the children of important characters. Introduced in various years, these children have played significant roles in a number of storylines over the years.

Current characters[edit]

Charlotte Cassadine[edit]

Charlotte Cassadine
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Scarlett Fernandez
Duration 2016–
First appearance October 13, 2016
Created by
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present; recurring
Other names
  • Charlotte Boland
  • Charlotte Beaulieu
Residence Port Charles, New York

Charlotte Cassadine is the daughter of Valentin Cassadine and Lulu Spencer, carried by Claudette Beaulieu. She was born from an embryo that Helena Cassadine created and tried to pass off as her son, Stavros' child with Lulu. Claudette realized that Valentin was dangerous after Charlotte was born, and took her on the run. She later asked her ex-husband, Nathan West, for help to protect them. Claudette tells Nathan that Charlotte is his daughter, but when a DNA test disproves it, Claudette claims her ex-lover, Griffin Munro, is actually Charlotte's father. When Claudette realizes Valentin has found her, she skips town, leaving Charlotte behind with Griffin. Valentin comes to town, and tells Griffin that he is Charlotte's father. Nathan also receives a note from Claudette, confirming that Valentin is Charlotte's father. Griffin petitions for custody of Charlotte; however, the judge grants full custody of Charlotte to Valentin. After Charlotte meets Lulu, she finds out the truth about Charlotte. Lulu petitions Valentin for custody, but Valentin is granted sole custody while Lulu is granted supervised weekly visits. Though Charlotte was distant from Lulu at first, the two started to grow closer.

Avery Corinthos[edit]

Avery Corinthos
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Ava and Grace Scarola
Duration 2014—
First appearance November 4, 2014[3]
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Avery Jerome-Corinthos
Jaime Summers[4]
Avery Jerome
A. J. Quartermaine
Residence Port Charles, New York

Avery Corinthos[5] is the daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Ava Jerome. Avery was born onscreen in November 2014, and kidnapped by Nina Clay and Franco. They relocate to Canada, where Avery is rescued, and returned to her mother. At the time she was born, it was not known whether Sonny or his son Morgan, was the father. A DNA test eventually established Sonny as the father. When both her parents were in prison, Avery was primarily raised by her siblings, Morgan and Kiki Jerome. Sonny was released, and took custody of Avery. However, his son, Michael, sued for and won full custody of Avery. He later gave Avery back to Sonny. When Ava was released, Avery's parents went to court for custody. The judge granted Ava sole custody of Avery, with Sonny getting supervised visits. When Ava started being threatened, she gave Avery back to Sonny to keep her safe. The two eventually agreed to shared custody.

Leo Falconeri[edit]

Leo Falconeri
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Verity Jann (October 9, 2015)[6]
Duration 2015—
First appearance October 8, 2015
Created by Jean Passanante
Shelly Altman
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Mateo Falconeri
Residence Port Charles, New York

Leonardo "Leo" Falconeri is the son of Julian Jerome and Olivia Falconeri. Olivia initially claimed Ned Ashton was the father to protect Leo from Julian's world. Leo was prematurely born onscreen in May 2015. Olivia and Ned, with the help of Dr. Liesl Obrecht, fake his death. Ned takes him out of town and Olivia follows shortly after. Olivia returns in August, and reveals that she named her son Leonardo. Olivia brings Leo to town, and lies that she adopted Leo and his name is Mateo. Alexis Davis is suspicious, and runs a DNA test. When Julian finds out, he heads off to confront Olivia. Eventually, they agree to joint custody of Leo.

Rocco Falconeri[edit]

Rocco Falconeri
General Hospital character
Portrayed by
  • Nolan and Michael Webb (2013)
  • Diego and Mateo (2013–14)
  • Liam and Oliver Friedy (2014–15)
  • Charles and Ethan Losie (2015–16)
  • Mason Tannous (2016)
  • O’Neill Monahan (2017—)
Duration 2013—
First appearance September 9, 2013
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Cesar Faison II
Ben Westbourne
Residence Port Charles, New York

Rocco Falconeri is the son of Dante and Lulu Falconeri, carried by Britt Westbourne. Britt originally passed the child off as the son of Patrick Drake. He was born onscreen in September 2013, and Britt later named him Ben. Soon after, Ben was kidnapped by Britt's mother, Dr. Liesl Obrecht. She took Ben to Cassadine Island, where he was rescued by Britt and Nikolas Cassadine. Elizabeth Webber notices that Ben and Dante have the same food allergy, and secretly runs a DNA test, confirming Dante is Ben's father. Britt lets Dante have shared custody of Ben, hoping to keep her secret from coming out. However, Elizabeth figures out the truth, and tells Lulu and Dante. Before they can claim their son, Obrecht kidnaps Ben to help Britt leave town with him. However, Britt turns her mother into the police, and Ben is rescued. Lulu and Dante are reunited with their son, whom they rename Rocco Falconeri.

Josslyn Jacks[edit]

Josslyn Jacks
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Karleigh and McKenna Larson (2009–12)
Sarah Johnson (2012–13)[7]
Paige Olivier (2013)[8]
Hannah Nordberg (2014–15)[9]
Eden McCoy (2015—)
Duration 2009–
First appearance November 3, 2009
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Residence Port Charles, New York

Josslyn John Jacks is the daughter of Jasper "Jax" Jacks and Carly Corinthos. She was born onscreen in November 2009. After she was born, Claudia Zacchara tries to take the baby away from Carly, but is stopped when Josslyn's half-brother Michael Corinthos kills Claudia, saving Josslyn. Josslyn is christened, with Jason Morgan and Lulu Spencer as her godparents. When Josslyn is diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer, she is saved by a kidney donation from Jake Spencer after he is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Jax and Carly have a long custody battle over Josslyn, resulting in Carly winning sole custody. Jax's fury leads him to kidnap Josslyn, but he returns Josslyn to Carly. Josslyn is kidnapped by Dr. Ewen Keenan on orders from Jerry Jacks, Josslyn's uncle. Jerry injects Josslyn with a substance, and Josslyn is briefly hospitalized with a high fever. Jerry later reveals that he inoculated Josslyn against a poison that he put into the Port Charles water supply. She has had a troubled relationship with Sonny after Sonny had Jax deported. She is now seeing a young boy named Oscar.

Danny Morgan[edit]

Danny Morgan
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Gage and Gavin (2012)
Claire and Juliette (2012)
Jaxon and Jakob Kring (2012–14)
Caden and Corben Rothweiler (2014–15)
Braiden and Dylan Kazowski (2015–16)
T.K. Weaver (2016—)
Duration 2012—
First appearance June 1, 2012
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Jason Morgan, Jr.
Victor Lord III
Daniel Edward Morgan
Residence Port Charles, New York

Daniel "Danny" Edward Morgan is the son of Jason and Sam Morgan. He was born onscreen in June 2012. Danny is initially believed to be the son of Sam's alleged rapist Franco. He was switched at birth by Todd Manning and Heather Webber with Téa Delgado's stillborn son, Victor Lord III. Téa takes him home to Llanview. Jason later figures out Sam's baby was switched with Téa's. Meanwhile, Heather kidnaps "Victor", wanting the baby for herself. Jason and Sam rescue their son, and name him in honor of his adoptive uncle, Danny McCall, and great-grandfather, Edward Quartermaine. Danny is diagnosed with leukemia at the time of his first birthday. When Danny doesn't respond to treatment, Sam has to look for a bone marrow donor; she ends up finding a match in Derek Wells. Derek gives a bone marrow transplant, saving Danny's life.

Emily Morgan[edit]

Emily Morgan
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Lori and Sevan Andonian
Duration 2017—
First appearance February 28, 2017
Created by Jean Passanante
Shelly Altman
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Scout
Residence Port Charles, New York

Emily Scout Morgan is the daughter of Jason and Sam Morgan. She was born onscreen in February 2017. She is named in honor of her adoptive aunt, Emily Quartermaine.

Aiden Spencer[edit]

Aiden Spencer
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Adrian & Brett Ritter
Maximo & Finbar (2011)
Titus Jackson (2011–12)
Jason David (2012—)
Duration 2010—
First appearance July 19, 2010
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Aiden Alexi Niklosovich Cassadine (birth name) Aiden Webber
Residence Port Charles, New York

Aiden Spencer is the son of Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber. From 2011 to 2012, the role was played by Titus Jackson, real-life son to Jonathan Jackson, who played his on-screen father, Lucky.[11] Jason David took over the role in 2012.[7] He is born onscreen in July 2010. He was originally believed to be the son of Nikolas Cassadine, after Helena Cassadine switched a paternity test. Aiden was kidnapped by Franco from the hospital, and he gave Aiden to his mother. Lucky finds Aiden and returns him to Elizabeth and Nikolas. Elizabeth is suspicious of how much Aiden looks like Lucky and gets another DNA test, which shows Lucky is really his father. She tells Lucky and Nikolas months later, and Nikolas briefly kidnaps Aiden before returning him to Elizabeth and Lucky. When Aiden is diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, he receives a blood transfusion from his aunt Lulu, and fully recovers.

Jake Spencer[edit]

Jake Spencer
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Landon and Trey (2007)
Amanda, Miranda and Maryssa Jones (2007)
Edward and James Nigbor (2007–08)
James Nigbor (2009–16)
Hudson West (2016—)[12]
  • 2007–11
  • 2015—
First appearance May 4, 2007
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
General Hospital: Night Shift
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Jake Webber
Jake Morgan
Residence Port Charles, New York

Jacob "Jake" Martin Spencer is the son of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber.[13] Jason agrees to let Elizabeth and Lucky Spencer raise the baby to protect him from Jason's mob business. As a baby, Jake is kidnapped by Maureen Harper, but rescued by Jason and returned to Elizabeth. Jake is again kidnapped by Jason's enemies, and is rescued by Sam McCall. In March 2011, Jake is struck by a hit-and-run driver.[14] He is declared brain-dead, and placed on life support. Lucky and Elizabeth agree to give Jake's kidney to Josslyn Jacks, who has cancer. The driver of the hit-and-run is revealed to be Luke Spencer, Lucky's father. In July 2015, it was revealed that he was actually alive after being kidnapped by Helena Cassadine. He is rescued by Lucky, Luke, and Laura, and returns home, where he is now raised by Jason and Elizabeth. When Jason and Elizabeth's engagement ends, Jake is upset, and tries to get Jason to come back home. Elizabeth's house starts getting vandalized, and Jason eventually realizes Jake was the one behind the vandalism in order to try to get his parents back together. Sam tries to help Jake when she figures this out, but Jake panics and runs away. Sam follows him, but she slips and falls down the stairs. Scared that he hurt Sam, Jake runs away on his bike and gets hit by a car. Jake survives, though, and is taken to a children's hospital, where he recovers from his injuries. Jake was unwittingly programmed by Helena. The programming came to fruition at the 2017 Nurse's ball. He received a magic kit from Helena's operatives thinking it was from Spencer. Inside was a dangerous chemical weapon created by the WSB known as the Chimera. He was allowed to do his magic routine at after the Nurse's ball was over where he almost opened the chimera which would have exposed and killed all that attended. He was stopped by Jason, Elizabeth and Valentine(who was the person who sold the Chimera to Helena).

Cameron Webber[edit]

Cameron Webber
General Hospital character
Portrayed by
  • Ashwyn Bagga (2004–06)
  • Braeden Walkes (2006–12)
  • Michael Leone (2013–)
Duration 2004–
First appearance June 18, 2004
Created by
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Other names
  • Cameron Steven Webber[15]
  • Cameron Spencer
Residence 1424 Elm Street
Port Charles, New York

Cameron Webber is the biological son of Zander Smith and Elizabeth Webber.[17] Cameron was born on May 11, 2004 in California.[18] Elizabeth and baby Cameron, named after Zander's father Cameron Lewis, arrive in Port Charles a month later. Zander died before Cameron was born, and Elizabeth raised him as a single mother. When she married Lucky Spencer, he became the father figure in Cameron's life. Though they divorced, and Lucky did not legally adopt him, Cameron considers Lucky to be his father.[16] Cameron accidentally sets Elizabeth's house on fire while playing with matches, landing Elizabeth in the hospital when she goes to rescue his little brother Jake. Cameron was on the bus during the General Hospital ski trip when it crashed, but avoids being severely injured.

Previous characters[edit]

Lila Rae Alcazar[edit]

Lila Rae Alcazar
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Gianna Crane (2006–07)
Kayla Madison (2012)
  • 2006–07
  • 2012
First appearance October 23, 2006
Last appearance November 21, 2012
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps (2006)
Frank Valentini (2012)
Classification Former, recurring
Other names Lila Rae Quartermaine

Lila Rae Alcazar is the daughter of Lorenzo Alcazar and Skye Quartermaine. She is named after Skye's adoptive grandmother, Lila Quartermaine, and Skye's mother, Dr. Rae Cummings.

Skye was reluctant to let Lorenzo be a part of Lila's life, because of him being a mobster. After Lila was born, they soon reconciled, with Lila Rae's last name being changed to her father's. However, it was later revealed that Skye was having second thoughts and was forced to stay with Lorenzo, who vowed to kill her if she tried to take the baby from him again. Lorenzo eventually had Lila Rae moved to an unknown location, so Skye couldn't take her away. Skye helped Lorenzo's rival, Jason Morgan, also Skye's brother, get rid of Lorenzo. Skye got Lila Rae back when she and Lorenzo were planning on moving away. Jason killed Lorenzo before they left, with Skye's help. Shortly after, Skye and Lila Rae left town. Lila Rae visited Port Charles with Skye to meet her family and attend Edward Quartermaine's funeral.

Alec Barrett[edit]

Alec Barrett
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Quinn Friedman
First appearance May 12, 2011
Last appearance July 21, 2011
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Former, recurring
Other names Aleksander Janáček, Jr.
Alec Scott
Residence Rome, Italy

Aleksander "Alec" Barrett is the son of Brenda Barrett and Aleksander Janáček. Brenda believed she had miscarried, but it was revealed that Alec's grandmother, Suzanne Stanwyck, faked his death and kept him hidden. When Brenda figured out the truth, Suzanne brought Lucian to Brenda, claiming he was her son. However, when Brenda decided to get a DNA test done, Suzanne took Lucian back, and tried to disappear with Alec. She was found by Sonny Corinthos, Brenda's husband, and he returned Alec to Brenda. The two bonded, and Brenda wanted Sonny to adopt Alec. Brenda and Alec were targeted by Sonny's rival, Anthony Zacchara, getting caught in a shootout. Soon after, Brenda divorced Sonny, and she and Alec moved to Rome, Italy.

Spencer Cassadine[edit]

Spencer Cassadine
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Caden & Nicholas Laughlin
Nathan & Spencer Casamassima
Lance Doven (2008)
Rami Yousef (2009)
Davin Ransom (2009–11)
Nicolas Bechtel (2013–)
  • 2006–11
  • 2013–
First appearance February 20, 2006
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps (2006)
Frank Valentini (2013)
Classification Present, recurring
Other names John Michael Jacks (birth name)
Occupation Prince of Greek nobility
Residence France

Spencer Alexi Stefan Nikolosovich Cassadine is the son of Nikolas Cassadine and Courtney Matthews, born in February 2006. He is originally believed to be the son of Jasper "Jax" Jacks, and Jax decides to keep the secret after Courtney dies. He named the baby John Michael Jacks, in honor of Jax and Courtney's fathers. Robin Scorpio learns the truth and announces it at the baby's christening. Nikolas renames the baby Spencer Cassadine, in honor of his siblings Lucky and Lulu Spencer. Spencer is kidnapped soon after by his nanny, Colleen McHenry. Before Nikolas can rescue Spencer, he is taken by Helena Cassadine from Colleen. Nikolas and Emily Quartermaine eventually rescue him. Spencer left town with his father, and later returned with his great-grandmother, Lesley Webber.

On his 10th birthday party, Spencer is injured when a fire breaks out, suffering burns and smoke inhalation. Spencer is treated for his injuries, and recovers. After Nikolas was presumed dead, Spencer is now under the care of his grandmother, Laura Spencer. Spencer asks Laura to let him go to boarding school in France, as Nikolas had planned to enroll Spencer there. Laura agrees, and Spencer leaves for boarding school in France. He returns the following summer, intent on getting revenge on Valentin Cassadine, the man who murdered Nikolas. He ends up getting kidnapped again by Garvey, who was trying to draw out Sonny Corinthos, Spencer's uncle. Spencer manages to escape, though, and Laura decides to send him back to boarding school for his own safety.

Emma Drake[edit]

Emma Scorpio-Drake
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Ruby & Rose Romero (2008)
Jessie & Gianna Salvatierra (2009–10)
Francesca Cistone (2010–11)
Brooklyn Rae Silzer[19] (2011–17)
Duration 2008–17
First appearance November 3, 2008
Last appearance May 30, 2017
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Residence Berkeley, California

Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake is the daughter of Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio. The role is most notably played by child actress, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, who won a Young Artist Award in 2013 for Best Young Actress 10 And Under In A TV Series, for her role as Emma.[20] She was born onscreen in November 2008. When Emma comes down with a fever, she and Robin get stranded in a snowstorm when she tries to take her to a doctor. Robin leaves her in the care of Maxie Jones, who brings Emma to the hospital where she is diagnosed with pneumonia. When Lisa Niles became obsessed with Patrick, she kidnapped Emma many times, but Robin and Patrick managed to save her. After Robin is presumed dead in a lab explosion, Patrick raises Emma alone. Robin is alive and calls home, but Patrick believes Emma is playing pretend when she tells him about the phone call. Emma does not approve of her father's new girlfriend, Dr. Britt Westbourne, and Patrick breaks up with Britt when he realizes she has been treating Emma poorly. When Robin finally returns, Emma is excited to have her mother back. Robin left town again, and Emma was upset at losing her mother again. After Robin returned, she and Patrick reunited, and Emma and her parents relocated soon after to Berkeley, California.[21][22][23][24][25] Emma makes periodic returns with her mother, or to visit her grandmother, Anna Devane.[26][27][28][29]

Taylor DuBois[edit]

Taylor DuBois
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Samantha Logan (2013)
Pepi Sonuga (2013)
First appearance June 4, 2013
Last appearance December 13, 2013
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Former, recurring

Taylor DuBois is a fictional character from the original ABC Daytime drama, General Hospital. Taylor is the younger sister of GH nurse, Felix DuBois. The role was originated by Samantha Logan who made her first appearance on June 4, 2013. In September 2013, it was announced that the role has been recast with actress Pepi Sonuga who would make her onscreen debut later that month.[30]

Casting and creation[edit]

On May 15, 2013, Soaps In Depth reported through their website that Samantha Logan, of the recently defunct ABC primetime series, 666 Park Avenue had been cast in the role of Taylor.[31] Taylor comes to Port Charles to spend the summer with her big brother Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) and immediately for TJ Ashford (Tequan Richmond). The duo's relationship will help to expand the already existing triangle between TJ, Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos), and Rafe Kovich (Jimmy Deshler) into a quadrangle.[32] Of the character's introduction, head writer Ron Carlivati commented, "Not everything can be a triangle."[31] Carlivati revealed to Soaps In Depth that Molly, Rafe and TJ would be featured heavily in the summer and the story would address whether TJ and Molly could work through their issues or if Molly would choose Rafe. However, Taylor's introduction will "turn the whole thing upside down."[33] In September 2013, the role was recast with actress Pepi Sonuga.[30] Actress Brytni Sarpy, who would go on to play Valerie Spencer, first auditioned for the role of Taylor.[34]


Angela Durrell said Taylor's introduction would not only add to the dynamic for the younger characters, but would also make things interesting for the adults.[35] Soap Opera Network said Logan's introduction came just in time for the usual summer teen storylines.[36] The July 8, issue of Soaps In Depth listed Taylor at #3 in the "5 Things We're Loving" section.[37] Jamey Giddens praised the actress and the dynamic that Taylor brought to the teen scene and likened Taylor and Molly to the 90s feud between Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) and Karen Wexler (Marie Wilson).[38]

B. J. Jones[edit]

B. J. Jones
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Brighton Hertford (1986–94)
Unknown actress (2005)
Kirsten Storms (2009)
  • 1986–94
  • 2005
  • 2009
First appearance October 6, 1986
Last appearance February 24, 2009
Created by Pat Falken Smith
Norma Monty
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Book appearances Robin's Diary
Classification Former, recurring

Barbara Jean "B. J." Jones was born on October 6, 1986, the daughter of Tony Jones and his first wife, Tania Roskov. She was named Barbara Jean in honor of nurse Bobbie Spencer, who helped with the delivery (Tania was alone in her apartment during a storm and power outage when she goes into labor). Bobbie adopts B. J. and marries Tony years later, after Tania dies in a car accident.

Seven-year-old B. J. was left brain-dead after her school van was hit by a drunk driver in May 1994. Her father made the decision to donate B. J.'s organs, and her heart was transplanted into her ailing cousin Maxie Jones. In a moving scene, Tony laid his head on Maxie's chest and listened to his daughter's heartbeat within his niece. Later, Tony sat beside B. J.'s body (still on the operating table); he asked her to take his own broken heart in exchange, and keep it safe. The storyline won much critical acclaim and several awards for acting and writing.

In May 2005, Maxie has a heart attack at a party on the Haunted Star and has to undergo another heart transplant, but she doesn't want to have it because she wants to keep B. J.'s heart. In June, Maxie has visions of B. J. telling her cousin to live her life for her sake, Maxie later recovers and has her high school graduation.

In February 2009, as part of the ABC Daytime "Go Red" campaign for women with heart disease, the storyline was reprised. Maxie fell asleep after attending the "Go Red" fashion show in New York City; while asleep she dreamed of an alternate universe, where she died and B. J. lived. When she woke up, Maxie was glad to be alive. On October 6, 2011, Maxie celebrated B. J.'s birthday with a red heart balloon and a small stone saying "Barbara Jean Jones: Will not be forgotten." B. J. was also shown in a picture.

Rafe Kovich, Jr.[edit]

Rafe Kovich, Jr.
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Jimmy Deshler
Duration 2013–14
First appearance January 30, 2013
Last appearance July 16, 2014
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Former, recurring
Residence 829 Hawthorne Dr, #82
Port Charles, New York

Rafe Kovich, Jr. was the son of Stephen Clay and Alison Barrington, and the legal son of Rafe Kovich. The character was created from the storyline of the defunct spin-off series Port Charles, where the character was originally the son of Caleb Morley and Alison.

Rafe arrives in Port Charles with Alison, having spent most of his life on the run. He bonds with Molly Lansing when she buys him lunch. Soon after, he witnesses Alison being murdered by Caleb. John McBain finds Rafe next to his mother's body, and Rafe is arrested. Rafe insists he's innocent, and points the finger at John. Caleb shows up and frees Rafe, but Rafe manages to escape and hides out in Molly's house. He's discovered soon after, though, and goes back to jail. When Caleb kidnaps Molly's sister, Sam Morgan, and nephew, Danny, John and Rafe break out of prison with Lucy Coe to rescue them. While John and Lucy rescue Sam, Rafe watches over Danny, protecting him from Heather Webber. After being released by the police, he is adopted by Sam. When Stephen's brother, Silas, shows up in town, he sues Sam for custody of Rafe, and wins. However, he lets Rafe stay with Sam. Eventually, the two bond, and Rafe moves in with his uncle. Rafe has developed a crush on Molly, but she is dating TJ Ashford. Rafe tries to break them apart with help from Taylor DuBois, who has a crush on TJ. The plan fails, and Rafe intentionally tries to sabotage Molly and TJ. When Molly finds out, she cuts Rafe out of her life. Upset and depressed, Rafe starts spiraling downwards, using cocaine and stealing money from Sam to get drugs. Molly finds out about Rafe's drug use. By then, it's also revealed that Rafe caused an accident to run Patrick Drake's family off the road, killing his infant son. Rafe tries to skip town, but Molly catches up to him, and they drive off in Silas' car. Rafe tells Molly he caused the accident, but was not on drugs. He was ordered to run Patrick off the road. Before he can tell Molly who ordered him, the car crashes. Rafe is rushed to the hospital with a serious head injury. Despite surgery, Rafe is left brain-dead, and put on life support. His family said good-bye to him, then turned off the machines.

Teddy Rivera[edit]

Teddy Rivera
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Eli & Ilee Alzubaidy
First appearance May 23, 2016
Last appearance September 21, 2016
Created by Jean Passanante
Shelly Altman
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Residence Puerto Rico

Eduardo "Teddy" Rivera is the son of Carlos Rivera and Sabrina Santiago. Teddy was born off-screen while Sabrina and Carlos were on the run. Carlos came back to Port Charles, and ended up getting killed. Sabrina and Teddy were in Puerto Rico, being held captive by Carlos' friend. Sabrina had her aunt, Inocencia Santos, take Teddy to Port Charles, and give him to the Quartermaine family. Tracy Quartermaine immediately took steps to become Teddy's foster mother. Eventually, Sabrina was rescued by Michael Corinthos and reunited with her son. She revealed that his full name is Eduardo, in honor of Tracy's father, Edward Quartermaine. Teddy fell sick soon after, and was diagnosed with botulism. Fortunately, he was taken to the hospital and treated in time to recover. Teddy was tragically orphaned after Sabrina was murdered. His paternal uncle, Joe Rivera, came to take custody of Teddy, being his only living relative. Despite Tracy's protests, Michael gave Teddy to Joe, who subsequently took him back to Puerto Rico.

Gabriel Santiago[edit]

Gabriel Santiago
General Hospital character
First appearance April 25, 2014
Last appearance June 5, 2014
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Former, recurring

Gabriel Drake Santiago was the son of Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago. Gabriel was born prematurely April 25, 2014 after his parents and older sister, Emma were in a car accident. He was rushed to the hospital and treated by Dr. Britt Westbourne in the neonatal intensive-care unit. He was put on a ventilator to help him breathe. He suffered a minor set back and was unable to get enough air into his lungs, but the doctors were able to stabilize him. Patrick and Sabrina sat vigil by his bedside as the doctors cared for him. As his condition seemed to be improving, his parents along with sister Emma, decided to name him Gabriel Drake Santiago, after his maternal grandmother, father, and half-sister. Gabriel's condition took a turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis. This condition caused the infection he was fighting to spread, which resulted in massive organ failure. His parents had him baptized in the hospital and soon after he died surrounded by his parents.

Georgie Spinelli[edit]

Georgie Spinelli
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Elle and Eve Tanz (2013)
Londyn and Teagan (2013–14)
Harper Rose Barash (2015)
Lily Fisher (2017)[40]
  • 2013–15
  • 2017
First appearance August 21, 2013
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Other names Constanza Louise Falconeri II
Georgianna Spinelli
Residence Portland, Oregon

Georgie Spinelli is the daughter of Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones. Maxie tried to pass her off as the daughter of Dante and Lulu Falconeri, whom she had agreed to be a surrogate for until she miscarried. Maxie gives birth via C-section; Dante and Lulu name the baby Constanza "Connie" Louise Falconeri, after Dante's late cousin, Connie Falconeri, and ask Maxie and Spinelli to be her godparents. At the christening, Brad Cooper arrives and tells Dante and Lulu that Connie is Maxie and Spinelli's biological daughter. After a custody battle, Spinelli is awarded full custody of baby Connie, while Maxie is not allowed any contact with her daughter for six months. In mid-December, Spinelli and his girlfriend, Ellie Trout move with Connie to Portland. Despite the court order, Spinelli takes the baby to say goodbye to Maxie and they rename her Georgie, after Maxie's late sister and Spinelli's good friend, Georgie Jones. Maxie was eventually granted visitation by the judge, and spends the holidays with Georgie. Spinelli and Georgie temporarily moved back to Port Charles when Spinelli was hoping to get a second chance with Maxie. However, he later reconciled with Ellie, and took Georgie back to Portland with Ellie.


  1. ^ The announcement of Luke and Bobbie's sister was shown in 1978, under executive producer Gloria Monty and head writer Douglas Marland. The character was later developed and introduced under executive producer, Frank Valentini and head writer, Ron Carlivati in 2015.


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