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"Bad Apple!!"
Song by ZUN
Released1998 (1998)
LabelAlstroemeria Records

"Bad Apple!!" is the seventh track in the soundtrack of the 1998 bullet hell video game Lotus Land Story, the fourth entry in the Touhou Project series created by Team Shanghai Alice. The instrumental theme was originally designed to be played during the third stage of the game, as chiptune on the Japanese NEC PC-9800 computer platform, at 161 beats per minute using a frequency modulation synthesis chip.[1]

It is notable for leading to a much later remix by Masayoshi Minoshima [jp] and singer Nomico and following the remix a subsequent accompanying black-and-white shadow puppet-video. In the 2010s, the version sung by Nomico and the black-and-white video sequence were ported to several second-generation video game consoles and graphing calculators, for retrocomputing and demoscene competitions, becoming a graphical equivalent to the "Hello, World!" programs of older computer systems in the demoscene communities.[2]


The name likely derives from the proverb that "one bad apple spoils the bunch".[citation needed]

Pop song[edit]

"Bad Apple!!"
Song by Alstroemeria Records featuring Nomico
Released2007 (2007)
3:39 (Music video edit)
Producer(s)Masayoshi Minoshima [jp]

In 2007, a longer cover version featuring the Japanese singer Nomico was released in the album Lovelight by the artists group Alstroemeria Records, lead by Masayoshi Minoshima [jp].[3] It shared little similarity with the original soundtrack, borrowing only a little of melody samples, but nonetheless it was notable as being the only vocal song in the album, and for its lyrics dealing with depression and apathy.[4]

Music video[edit]

In August 2008, a user in Nico Nico Douga uploaded a video of a crude storyboard based on the remixed music, asking for anyone to animate it.[5] Several animation videos started appearing, with relatively few successes.[6][7] [4]

Between October 2008 and October 2009, a collaborative group led by Anira (あにら) created a shadow-art (black and white) animation video based on the storyboard, which was released on Nico Nico on 27 October 2009.[8][3]

10th Anniversary[edit]

In 2017, the Alstroemeria Records group released a 10th Anniversary Bad Apple!! album consisting entirely of "Bad Apple" remixes.[9]


The shadow puppet video has been used in the demoscene as the basis of many ports for older computer platforms, presumed to be incapable of playing back full motion video.

  • In January 2014 a user by the name of fb39ca4 uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing a version of the video and audio running on a TI-84+ SE.[10]
  • In June 2014 the "8088 Domination" demo included a section rendering the "Bad Apple" shadow video on an 1981-era IBM 5150 at 640×200 resolution and 30 frames per second.[11][12]
  • In June 2014 about two minutes of "Bad Apple" have been ported to the Commodore 64 as 2000 frames at 12 frames per second on a single side diskette.[13]
  • By 2015 "Bad Apple" had been ported to the 1982–Vectrex console;[14][15] along with ports to the 1977–Atari 2600, 1985–Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), 1988–Sega Genesis, and Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus series graphing calculators.[14]
  • In 2017 fenarinarsa released an Atari STE demo rendering the video at 320x200 resolution at 30fps with 50 kHz audio.[16]
  • In 2019 YouTube user otter_us made a Python program which converts an image into an Braille pattern, ran every frame of the music video, converted it into an subtitle file, and uploaded a blank YouTube video with the file as the subtitles.[17]
  • Also in 2019 an Arduino Mega was programmed to render the video (without sound) at 128×176 resolution and 60 frames per second.[18]
  • In 2020 an Amiga AGA was released at the NOVA2020 demoparty[19]
  • In mid-2020 Sarah Purohit programmed her Epyc 64 core processor to display a 16x8 graphic of the video using the CPU's thread usage in task manager.[20][21]
  • In March 2021 Kris Kennaway created a full-length version for the Apple //e by streaming 95MB of data directly from a CFFA3000 card.[22]
  • In March 2021 YouTube user Junferno created a full-length version for the Desmos graphing calculator.[23]
  • In April 2021 YouTube user -T.K- ported the entirety of the song for the RISC V processor.[24]


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