Baga Pokur language

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Baga Pokur
Native toGuinea
Regioncoastal villages of Binari and Mboteni
Ethnicity3000 (no date)[1]
  • Baga Mboteni
  • Baga Binari
Language codes
ISO 639-3bcg

Baga Pokur is a vigorous Senegambian language, spoken in the coastal Rio Nuñez region of Guinea. Speakers who have gone to school or work outside their villages are bilingual in Pokur and the Mande language Susu.[3]

Pokur has lost the noun-class concord found in its relatives.[4]


Despite the name, Baga Mboteni is not one of the Baga languages, though speakers are ethnically Baga. The language is instead most closely related to Nala and Mbulungish, though it shares a low percentage of cognate vocabulary with them.[3]


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Further reading[edit]

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