Baglan Bay power station

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Baglan Bay power station
Baglan bay power station.jpg
Baglan Bay Power Station
Baglan Bay power station is located in Wales
Baglan Bay power station
Location of Baglan Bay power station in Wales
Country Wales, United Kingdom
Location Port Talbot
Coordinates 51°37′11″N 3°49′47″W / 51.619735°N 3.829637°W / 51.619735; -3.829637Coordinates: 51°37′11″N 3°49′47″W / 51.619735°N 3.829637°W / 51.619735; -3.829637
Status Operational
Commission date 2003
Operator(s) General Electric
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Combined cycle? yes
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 525 MW
Nameplate capacity 525 MW

Baglan Bay power station is a 525MWe gas-fired power station situated on Baglan Moors just west of Port Talbot in Wales.


The power station was built on the site of the former Isopropanol BP chemicals plant in September 2003, costing £300m. At the time of its development, it was considered the most advanced CCGT (Combined-cycle gas turbine) facility of its kind. It was built by the GE Energy division of General Electric, who are its current operators. It was sold by GE in October 2012 to a group of financial investors, led by Macquarie.[1]


It is a CCGT-type power station that runs on natural gas. It has one General Electric H system (9H) gas turbine with a heat recovery steam generator and a GE steam turbine. It has black start capability, using a 33MWe GE LM2500 gas turbine. It connects to the National Grid at 275kV. It is 60% thermally efficient.

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