North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm

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North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm
North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm aerial.jpg
Viewed from the air
Country Wales
Location Liverpool Bay, north east Wales
Coordinates 53°26′N 3°24′W / 53.433°N 3.400°W / 53.433; -3.400Coordinates: 53°26′N 3°24′W / 53.433°N 3.400°W / 53.433; -3.400
Status Operational
Commission date 2004[1]
Operator(s) RWE Npower
Wind farm
Type Offshore
Site area 10 km2 (3.9 sq mi)
Distance from shore 7.5 km (4.7 mi)
Power generation
Units operational 30 x 2 MW
Make and model Vestas: V80 Offshore Wind Turbine
Nameplate capacity 60 MW
Capacity factor 33-36%

North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm is Wales' first offshore wind farm, and the UK's first major offshore renewable power project. Situated in Liverpool Bay, it commenced operation in 2003.

The first of the UK's Round 1 offshore wind farms, North Hoyle covers an area of 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi), and is located approximately 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) off the coast of North Wales, between the towns of Rhyl and Prestatyn. The Round 1 projects were intended to act as testbeds; building the UK's understanding of offshore wind power, whilst in total also providing well over 1,000 MW of green generating capacity for the UK. All of the Round 1 offshore wind farms were limited to a maximum area of 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi), and no more than 30 wind turbines.

The wind farm's 30 Vestas V80 Offshore wind turbines are each rated at 2 MW capacity, giving a maximum project output of 60 MW.[2] At the time of installation this was the most powerful wind farm in the UK, producing sufficient electricity annually to power 50,000 homes. Between 2004 and 2010, the capacity factor was between 33 and 36%.[3]

Independent surveys carried out for the operators of North Hoyle have shown that the wind farm is very popular among holidaymakers and local residents. An opinion poll carried out in 2003, after its construction, showed that 73% of people expressed support for the project and only 5% opposed it.[4]

North Hoyle was developed, built and is operated by RWE npower renewables (formerly National Wind Power); npower renewables also own the neighbouring Rhyl Flats and Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farms.

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