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The "money bag" emoji (💰).

A bagman (or bag man) is a person or paymaster designated to collect or distribute illicitly gained money ("dirty money"), such as bribes to public officials, or money that is collected in a criminal enterprise, such as a "protection racket" or in the running of a numbers racket. A bagman may also act as an intermediary in such transactions. "Bagman" is also a (mainly) British term for a traveling salesman. The first known use of the term occurred in 1808.[1]

A bagman may also be known as a delivery boy or running man, and he may receive a fraction of the money collected. Though it connotes someone who carries a bag of money, the term may also apply to a person who performs other small tasks for those involved in organized crime, such as chauffeuring or transporting goods.[citation needed]

The term is sometimes used in other contexts involving controversial money transactions.[2][3]

Bagman is also used just to mean assistant in military or police contexts as seen in the series Endeavour.

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