Musitano crime family

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Musitano crime family
Founder Dominic Musitano
Founding location Canada Hamilton
Years active ca.1944–present
Territory Various neighborhoods over Hamilton and Toronto
Ethnicity Made men are Italian, Italian-Canadian. Criminals of various ethnicities are employed as "associates"
Membership Unknown
Criminal activities Racketeering, loan sharking, money laundering, fraud, prostitution, murder, gambling, drug trafficking, smuggling, extortion and corruption
Allies Rizzuto, Buffalo and Chicago crime families, West End Gang, Hells Angels and various other crime families and gangs
Rivals Papalia family and various gangs over Canada including their allies

The Musitano crime family is a 'Ndrangheta organization based in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The Musitano clan is the smallest of three centralized Mafia organizations in Hamilton the other two being the Papalia family and the Luppino family.[1]


In 1937, Angelo Musitano who was also known as the "The Beast of Delianova" fled Delianuova, Italy for Canada after killing his sister.[1] The crime family was led by Dominic Musitano, the nephew of "the Beast" until his death in 1995 from a heart attack.[1] Dominic Musitano's two son's Pasquale and Angelo Musitano joined their father in organized crime. Pasquale "Pat" Musitano then took over as official boss.

In 1997, the family got much unwanted attention from the mob hits of Johnny "Pops" Papalia and Carmen Barillaro.[1] The hit man for both murders Ken Murdock took a plea and named Pat and Angelo as the men who ordered the murders. Both Musitano brothers were sentenced in 2000 to 10 years for ordering the murder of Carmen Barillaro.[1] In 2007, the Musitano brothers were both released out of prison.

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