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Industry Live Music
Founded 2007
Founder Todd Cronin
Phil Sergi
Headquarters New York, NY
Number of locations
6 offices (2017)
Area served
Key people
Fabrice Sergent (Managing Partner)
Julien Mitelberg (Managing Partner)
Brands Bandsintown Group, Bandsintown Concerts, Bandsintown Manager, Bandsintown Amplified, Bandsintown Promoter
Number of employees

Bandsintown is the leading platform where artists and fans connect. The Bandsintown Concerts App lets fans track their favorite artists and receive emails or mobile notifications when they or similar bands are playing in the user’s area.[1] It also allows artists to manage their tour dates in one place and sync them to their websites, blogs and social media sites.[2]

The Bandsintown Concerts app has more than 38 million registered concert-goers as of October 2017, is available in over 210 countries[3], and was listed as one of Business Insider's world's greatest apps (2014).[4]


Bandsintown Concerts is the leading concert discovery app in the World with 38 Million registered concert-goers. The app pulls data from a user’s iTunes library, Facebook Likes, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play and Twitter accounts to pre-populate a customized list of tracked artists and local concert recommendations. Tour dates are collected from more than 200 primary ticket providers and booking agencies, as well as the artists directly.[5]

Bandsintown Manager is a suite of concert marketing tools for performers that allows them to list tour dates, promote events and facilitate direct contact with their fans.[6] Tour dates loaded into Bandsintown Manager are turned into fully functional Facebook events that artists can sync to their websites and social media.[7] The app is used by more than 430,000 artists including Wiz Khalifa, Lorde, Steve Aoki, Paramore and Maroon 5.[8] Bandsintown sends more than 9 million fans to ticketing sites every month.[1]

Bandsintown Promoter offers promoters, venues and labels insights and direct access to concert-goers based on their music taste and location in key markets. The platform identifies the number of “Trackers,” or Bandsintown users following a specific artist in certain geographic locations, that can be contacted via Bandsintown’s email marketing program.[9]

Bandsintown Amplified is a multi-screen advertising platform that connects brands with fans and artists through a network of music publishers.[10]


Bandsintown was launched in 2006 by Todd Cronin and Phil Sergi[11] as a concert discover service and acquired by what is know today as Bandsintown Group in 2011. The company is best known for its concert discovery service but has expanded to service artists, promoters, advertisers and brands.[12] In 2013, Bandsintown acquired an ad platform connecting music fans and brands, known today as Bandsintown Amplified.


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