Bar'am National Park

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Bar'am National Park
גן לאומי ברעם
Coordinates33°2′38″N 35°24′51.04″E / 33.04389°N 35.4141778°E / 33.04389; 35.4141778Coordinates: 33°2′38″N 35°24′51.04″E / 33.04389°N 35.4141778°E / 33.04389; 35.4141778
Bar'am National Park

Bar'am National Park (Hebrew: גן לאומי ברעם) is a national park in Israel, between kibbutz Sasa and moshav Dovev, near the Lebanese border.[1] On the grounds of the park is a synagogue from the Talmudic period.

The original name of the village in which the synagogue was found is unknown, but it is indicative of the existence of an established Jewish community in the area it was found.

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