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Baron Kingsale is a title in the Peerage of Ireland, that of the premier baron in that peerage. The feudal barony dates to at least the thirteenth century. The first peerage creation was by writ. The numbering of the barons varies, some sources including the holders of the feudal barony, others commencing with the peers from 1340, and still others from 1397; a licence of that year issued to the fourth peer has often been mistaken for a patent creating the peerage, but this is not the case.[1] This article follows the numbering of The Complete Peerage.

The Baron also holds the feudal titles of Lord Courcy and Lord Ringrone, probably created in the twelfth century. Several sources claim that the Baron holds the privilege of being covered (that is, wearing a hat) in the presence of the monarch. The Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, however, disagrees, claiming that the story "is a legend without historic foundation".[2] Despite the antiquity of the title, the family no longer retains its property or wealth, having supported the losing side in past conflicts; the 30th (or 35th) Baron, despite education at Stowe and the Universities of Paris and Salzburg due to his father's marriage to the daughter of a Yorkshire lanolin oil business, was, due to the failure of that business, amongst other things, an odd-job man and plumber, and died a resident of sheltered housing.[3]

Feudal Barons (before 1222)[edit]

  • Patrick de Courcy (died before 1261)
  • Miles de Courcy (died c. 1290)
  • John de Courcy (died 1291)

Barons Kingsale (1340 ?)[edit]

  • Miles de Courcy, 1st Baron Kingsale (died 1344)
  • Miles de Courcy, 2nd Baron Kingsale (died c. 1372)
  • John de Courcy, 3rd Baron Kingsale (died c. 1390)
  • William de Courcy, 4th Baron Kingsale (died c. 1400)
  • Nicholas de Courcy, 5th Baron Kingsale (died c. 1410)
  • Patrick de Courcy, 6th Baron Kingsale (died c. 1449)
  • Nicholas de Courcy, 7th Baron Kingsale (died 1475)
  • James de Courcy, 8th Baron Kingsale (died 1499)
  • Edmund de Courcy, 9th Baron Kingsale (died c. 1505)
  • David de Courcy, 10th Baron Kingsale (died c. 1520)
  • John de Courcy, 11th Baron Kingsale (died 1535)
  • Gerald de Courcy, 12th Baron Kingsale (died 1599)
  • John de Courcy, 13th Baron Kingsale (died 1628)
  • Gerald de Courcy, 14th Baron Kingsale (died c. 1642)
  • Patrick de Courcy, 15th Baron Kingsale (died 1663?)
  • John de Courcy, 16th Baron Kingsale (died 1667)
  • Patrick de Courcy, 17th Baron Kingsale (1659/60–1669)
  • Almericus de Courcy, 18th Baron Kingsale (1665–1720)
  • Gerald de Courcy, 19th Baron Kingsale (1700–1759)
  • John de Courcy, 20th Baron Kingsale (c. 1717–1776)
  • John de Courcy, 21st Baron Kingsale (died 1822)
  • Thomas de Courcy, 22nd Baron Kingsale (1774–1832)
  • John Stapleton de Courcy, 23rd Baron Kingsale (1805–1847)
  • John Constantine de Courcy, 24th Baron Kingsale (1827–1865)
  • Michael Conrad de Courcy, 25th Baron Kingsale (1828–1874)
  • John Fitzroy de Courcy, 26th Baron Kingsale (1821–1890)
  • Michael William de Courcy, 27th Baron Kingsale (1822–1895)
  • Michael Constantine de Courcy, 28th Baron Kingsale (1855–1931)
  • Michael William Robert de Courcy, 29th Baron Kingsale (1882–1969)
  • John de Courcy, 30th Baron Kingsale (1941–2005)
  • Nevinson Mark de Courcy, 31st Baron Kingsale (born 1958, living in New Zealand)

The heir presumptive is the present holder's kinsman Joseph Kenneth Charles de Courcy (born 1955)[4]
The heir presumptive's heir apparent is his son Patrick Miles Hugh de Courcy (born 1993).[5]


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