Bartolomé Martínez

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Not to be confused with Cardinal Bartolomé Martí (d. 1500).

Bartolomé Martínez González (24 August 1873 Jinotega – 30 January 1936 Matagalpa) was Nicaraguan politician. He served as Vice President of Nicaragua from January 1921 to October 1923.[1] After the death of Diego Manuel Chamorro, Martínez was sworn in to serve the remainder of Chamorro's term as 15th President of Nicaragua from 27 October 1923 to 1 January 1925.


Political offices
Preceded by
Nemesio Martínez
Vice President of Nicaragua
Succeeded by
Juan Bautista Sacasa
Preceded by
Rosendo Chamorro
President of Nicaragua
Succeeded by
Carlos José Solórzano