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Baschurch train station 1863306 6300fcc1.jpg
Bascurch station in 1962
Place Baschurch
Area Shropshire
Coordinates 52°47′55″N 2°50′51″W / 52.7985°N 2.8474°W / 52.7985; -2.8474Coordinates: 52°47′55″N 2°50′51″W / 52.7985°N 2.8474°W / 52.7985; -2.8474
Grid reference SJ428226
Original company Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Chester Junction Railway
Pre-grouping Great Western Railway
Post-grouping Great Western Railway
Platforms 2
12 October 1848 Station opens
12 September 1960 Closed to passengers
5 July 1965 Closed to goods[1]
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Baschurch railway station was a minor station located about ten miles north of Shrewsbury on the GWR’s Paddington to Birkenhead main line. Today this is part of the Shrewsbury to Chester line. The station building (now a private house) can be seen on the west side of the line adjacent Baschurch level crossing; it was designed by Thomas Mainwaring Penson.[2]

Historical Services[edit]

Express train did not call at Baschurch, only local services.

According to the Official Handbook of Stations the following classes of traffic were being handled at this station in 1956: G, P, F, L, H & C and there was a three-ton crane.[3]

Although the station was closed the line has continued in use for through trains.

Accidents and incidents[edit]

  • On 13 February 1961, an express passenger train was in collision with a freight train that was being shunted at the station. The accident was due to a signalman's error. Three people were killed and two were injured.[4]

Campaign for reopening[edit]

In September 2009, a local group was formed to campaign for the station to be reopened. An initial public meeting was attended by 250 people, and Arriva Trains Wales the franchise operator for the line agreed to re-examine the feasibility of trains stopping at Baschurch.[5][6]

As of October 2011 the campaign continues, with the commissioning of new research into the feasibility of the reopening proposal. Funding for the study was declined by Shropshire Council, but now campaigners are to fund it themselves.[7]

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Oldwoods Halt   Great Western Railway
Shrewsbury to Chester Line
  Stanwardine Halt


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