Bato (Breucian chieftain)

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Tribes in Illyricum and environs in AD 6, the year of the Great Illyrian revolt, post Roman conquest

Bato of the Breuci,[1] also known as Breucian Bato, was the chieftain of the Breuci, an Illyrian tribe that fought against the Roman Empire in a war known as Bellum Batonianum. Bato joined his rebel forces with those led by Bato of the Daesitiates. After facing defeat, he surrendered to Tiberius in 8 CE on the bank of the Bosna river. Ultimately, Bato of the Breuci was captured by Bato of Daesitiates and was put to death after a decision was made by an assembly of the Daesitiates.[citation needed]

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  1. ^ The Cambridge Ancient History: The Augustan Empire, 43 B. C-A.D. 69. Cambridge University Press. 1996. Led by Bato of the Daesitiates and Bato of the Breuci they attacked Roman settlements, the colonies On the Adriatic and even penetrated to Macedonia.