Battle of María

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Battle of María
Part of the Peninsular War
Date15 June 1809[1]
Location41°33′08″N 0°59′31″W / 41.5522°N 0.9919°W / 41.5522; -0.9919
Result French victory[1]
France First French Empire Spain Kingdom of Spain
Commanders and leaders
Louis Gabriel Suchet Joaquín Blake
Units involved
III Corps Army of Aragon
12 guns[1]
23 guns[1]
Casualties and losses
800[1] 4,500[1]
20 guns[1]
Peninsular war: Aragón Catalonia
  current battle

The Battle of María (15 June 1809) saw a small Spanish army led by Joaquín Blake y Joyes face an Imperial French corps under Louis Gabriel Suchet. After an inconclusive contest earlier in the day, Suchet's cavalry made a decisive charge that resulted in a French victory. Though the Spanish right wing was crushed, the rest of Blake's army got away in fairly good order after abandoning most of its artillery. María de Huerva is located 17 kilometres (10.6 mi) southwest of Zaragoza, Spain. The action occurred during the Peninsular War which was part of the larger struggle known as the Napoleonic Wars.


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