Bay Islet

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Map showing the location of Bay Islet in Hong Kong (red arrow).
Bay Islet as seen from the West

Bay Islet or See Chau (Chinese: 匙洲) is an uninhabited island in Sai Kung District, Hong Kong.


Bay Islet is located in Rocky Harbour,[1] also known as Leung Shuen Wan Hoi, and is separated from Jin Island by the See Chau Mun (匙洲門) channel. The island has a maximum elevation of 44.8 m and an area of 0.08 km².[2]


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Coordinates: 22°20′8.2″N 114°20′1.9″E / 22.335611°N 114.333861°E / 22.335611; 114.333861