Bayan, Kuwait

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Bayan (Arabic: بيان‎‎) is a residential area within the Hawalli Governorate of Kuwait, consisting of thirteen blocks, and situated approximately 15 kilometres away from the capital, Kuwait City. Its naming was inspired by the fact that it's an area of higher altitude in comparison to its surrounding Mishref, Salwa and Rumaithiya. The Kuwait Government headquarters are located in Bayan Palace which houses its own mosque and gardens within its walls. Beside it, the main skyline feature is quintessentially Kuwaiti Water Towers (known for their white-and-blue vertical stripes and long mushroom form), as nine of them are arranged in a diamond shape.

Bayan also houses several international embassies, including that of the United States of America, Belgium, and Thailand. As with other residential areas in Kuwait, basic features include, bus stations, several supermarkets (one open 24 hours a day), mosques, bakeries, sand football fields, schools (from kindergarten to secondary school), a park, a hospital and dental centre, a jogging path, and a sports club. Almost each residential building has its own unique appearance, as most tend to be privately owned, making this area like some others architecturally diverse.

Coordinates: 29°19′N 48°02′E / 29.317°N 48.033°E / 29.317; 48.033