Berezina River

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This article is about Berezina, a tributary of Dnieper River. For Western Berezina, a tributary of the Neman River, see Western Berezina.
"Beresina" redirects here. For the 1999 Swiss film, see Beresina, or the Last Days of Switzerland.
Berezina River
Belarusian: Рака Бярэзіна
Berezina River.JPG
Berezina River in Belarus
Origin Belarus
Mouth Dnieper
Basin countries Belarus
Length 561 km (349 mi)[1]
Basin area 24,500 km2 (9,500 sq mi)[1]

The Berezina (Belarusian: Бярэ́зіна, Biarezina; [bʲaˈrɛzʲinɐ]) is a river in Belarus and a tributary of the Dnieper River.

The Berezina Preserve by the river is in the UNESCO list of Biosphere Preserves.

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Coordinates: 52°32′59″N 30°15′00″E / 52.54972°N 30.25000°E / 52.54972; 30.25000