Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve

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Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve
Nature reserve
Country Kyrgyzstan
State Jalal-Abad Province
Coordinates 41°38′50.03″N 70°42′6.77″E / 41.6472306°N 70.7018806°E / 41.6472306; 70.7018806Coordinates: 41°38′50.03″N 70°42′6.77″E / 41.6472306°N 70.7018806°E / 41.6472306; 70.7018806
Area 1,120.18 km2 (433 sq mi) present area since April 24, 2006 (Government Decree No 291 of April 24, 2006)
 - area 1 1,167.00 km2 (451 sq mi) original area in 1979
IUCN category Ia - Strict Nature Reserve
Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve is located in Kyrgyzstan
Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve
Location in Kyrgyzstan

Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Jalal-Abad Province, western Kyrgyzstan. Established in 1979, it currently covers 112,018 hectares.[1]


Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve was established on March 21, 1979 to preserve the unique natural complex and forests of the Chatkal valley, as well as to protect the habitat of the Menzbier's Marmot and to protect the natural habitat of vegetation of Greig and Cauffman tulips. The area of the reserve amounted to 116,700 hectares. In 1994,in regard with the establishment of Chatkal Forestry the boundaries of the reserve were changed and area reduced to 63,200 hectares (Government Decree No 573 of August 1, 1994). On July 16, 2002 the habitats of Menzbir's marmot (Marmota menzbieri) and other areas were re-subordinated to the nature reserve, and its area increased to 86,748 hectares (Government Decree No 499 of July 26, 2002). In 2006, extension of the Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve with Sandalash reserve area increased the total area up to 112,018 hectares.


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