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Best of The Farm
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GenreAlternative rock
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Best of The Farm
The Very Best of The Farm

Best of The Farm is a compilation album by Liverpool-based pop group The Farm. It was released four years after their previous album Hullabaloo and two years after their break up. The album was not commercially successful.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stepping Stone" (Ghost Dance Mix)
  2. "Groovy Train"
  3. "All Together Now"
  4. "Don't Let Me Down"
  5. "Mind" (Original 7" Version)
  6. "Love See No Colour" (Original 7" Version)
  7. "Hearts and Minds"
  8. "Family of Man"
  9. "Good Morning Sinners"
  10. "News International"
  11. "Rising Sun"
  12. "Creepers"
  13. "Messiah"
  14. "Comfort"
  15. "Groovy Train" (Rocky and Diesel Mix)
  16. "Groovy Train" (Terry Farley Mix)
  17. "All Together Now" (Classical Mix)
  18. "All Together Now" (Rocky and Diesel Mix)
  19. "Don't Let Me Down" (Rocky and Diesel Mix)
  20. "Mind" (Contorted Face Mix)
  21. "Love See No Colour" (Musto and Bones Mix)
  22. "Love See No Colour" (Noel Watson Mix)
  23. "Love See No Colour" (Spiro and Waller Mix)

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