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Bicentennial Square, formerly known as Centenary Square, is located in the heart of Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. It faces the 1883 Town Hall and St John's Cathedral.

Features & History[edit]

Centennial Memorial[edit]

To celebrate the colony's centenary, in 1888 the Borough Council erected - at a cost of some 600 pounds [1] - the Centennial Memorial, an elaborate clock and drinking fountain.


In order to mark the bicentennial in 1988, in 1986 the Parramatta City Council commissioned a sculpture by artist Richard Goodwin.[2] The sculpture Procession was created, and sits near the Town Hall.

Time Capsule[edit]

To mark the opening of the Church St Mall in 1986, a time capsule was buried under one of the square's gardens by JA Crosio, the minister for water resources at the time.[3]

Near the Square[edit]

A great deal of Parramatta's rich history lies just outside Bicentennial Square. Of particular note are :

Murray Bros Department Store[edit]

On the corner diagonally opposite the square, Murray Brothers erected the town's first Department Store in 1926; and other major stores soon followed.[4] This was also the site where Rev. Samuel Marsden once lived.

WWI Memorial[edit]

Outside the nearby St John's Cathedral stands a memorial to those who served in WWI. This takes the form of a stone arch and plaques; and was erected in 1917.[5]

Coordinates: 33°48′55″S 151°00′11″E / 33.815399°S 151.003164°E / -33.815399; 151.003164