Chinese Garden of Friendship

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Chinese Garden of Friendship
Chinese Garden of Friendship (looking back at city).jpg
Chinese Garden of Friendship
Traditional Chinese 誼園
Simplified Chinese 谊园
Waterfalls in the Garden
Entrance to the Garden

The Chinese Garden of Friendship (simplified Chinese: 谊园; traditional Chinese: 誼園) is a Chinese garden in Chinatown, Sydney, Australia. Modeled on the typical private gardens of the Ming Dynasty, the garden offers an insight into Chinese heritage and culture.


The Chinese Garden of Friendship was designed by Sydney's Chinese sister city, Guangzhou in China. Chinatown, Sydney complements the area's already rich Chinese heritage and culture. The gardens were officially opened in 1988 as part of Sydney's bicentennial celebrations and they were named the Garden of Friendship symbolizing the bond established between China and Australia.

The Garden is located at the corner of Day Street and Pier Street, Darling Harbour, on the site of the former NSW Fresh Food and Ice Co, which is considered significant in the development of refrigeration and freezing in Sydney.[1]

This place was used as a scene for Dulcea's compound in 20th Century Fox's 1995 superhero film Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

It was also used in the filming of 'The Wolverine' in October 2012. Many features of the gardens were changed or covered up as the movie was set in Japan.


The Chinese Gardens are filled with beautiful bamboo plants and glistening waterfalls. The whole garden cannot be seen from any point within the garden. The garden has a number of features including the Dragon Wall symbolizing the bond between New South Wales and Guangzhou, the Water Pavilion of Lotus Fragrance, the Twin Pavilion and The Tea House that offers traditional Chinese tea and other refreshments. The garden is also a popular venue for weddings.

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