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Central pass-through railway station
Biel-Bienne Bahnhof Gare.jpg
The main entrance to the station on the northern side
CH-2502 Biel/Bienne
Coordinates47°07′56″N 07°14′37″E / 47.13222°N 7.24361°E / 47.13222; 7.24361Coordinates: 47°07′56″N 07°14′37″E / 47.13222°N 7.24361°E / 47.13222; 7.24361
Elevation437 m (1,434 ft)
Owned bySBB CFF FFS (Swiss Federal Railways)
Operated by
Biel/Bienne–La Chaux-de-Fonds
Tracks12 (German: Gleis, French: voie)
Structure typeat-grade and underground (just one for ASm)
Platform levels2
Other information
Fare zonelibero: 300
WebsiteBahnhof Biel / La gare de Bienne
Opened1923 (1923)
Electrified1923 (1923)
Passengers (2016)52,100 per working day[1]
Rank13 of 1735
Biel/Bienne is located in Switzerland
Location in Switzerland

Biel/Bienne railway station (German: Bahnhof Biel; French: Gare de Bienne) serves the bilingual municipality of Biel/Bienne, in the canton of Bern, Switzerland.

It is a major railway junction on the Swiss railways network. It lies on one of the two most busy major railway lines between the northeastern (St. Gallen/Zurich) and southwestern Switzerland (Geneva); the other goes via Bern. An InterCity between St. Gallen and Genève-Aéroport only takes 4:17h with one of its tilting train compositions (in 2019). The other major line is between Basel and Lausanne/Geneva; via Delémont it also connects the canton of Jura with the Swiss railway network. And third, it also connects the French-speaking part of canton of Bern (the Bernese Jura) and La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE) in the west with Bern in the east.

All trains of these lines meet in Biel/Bienne at a quarter after and a quarter before o'clock in a half an hour frequency according to the Swiss-wide applied clock-face scheduling, so that seamless changes of just a few (2–5) minutes between trains of all these lines are easily possible.

It is located in the center of Biel/Bienne and is therefore part of the fare zone 300 of the libero (fare network).

Biel/Bienne's railway station is the thirteenth busiest station in Switzerland with 52,100 passengers per working day (in 2016).

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