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Bjørn Lynne
Bjørn Lynne.jpg
Bjørn Lynne in 2006
Background information
Birth nameBjørn Arild Lynne
Also known asDr Awesome [sic]
Born (1966-12-31) December 31, 1966 (age 52)
OriginStavern, Norway
GenresNew-age, progressive rock, fantasy rock, symphonic rock, electronic, space rock, electronica, funk, techno, Celtic, dance
Occupation(s)Sound engineer, composer, music publisher
InstrumentsKeyboards, guitar, bass guitar, programming
Years active1988–present

Bjørn Arild Lynne (born December 31, 1966) is a Norwegian sound engineer and music composer, now living and working in Stavern, Norway. He was also known as a tracker music composer under the name "Dr. Awesome" in the demoscene in the 1980s & 90s when he released tunes in MOD format and made music for Amiga games.

In 1995 he moved to England and composed for Team17. He recorded albums in England, including the Timura trilogy, inspired by the books of Allan Cole. In 2005 he returned to Norway and started a music publishing company, Lynne Publishing AS.

He composed soundtracks for the games Worms and Seven Kingdoms, and for solo albums of fantasy and trance music. His tunes have also been used in television and film.


In the later 1980s and 1990s, Lynne worked in the demoscene using the name Dr. Awsome. As a member of "Crusaders" demo-group, he created numerous demo soundtracks and standalone tunes in Amiga tracker format. He made music for Amiga games like "Qwak", "Brat" and some others (see discography for more info) and recorded two studio albums: "Hobbits & Spaceships" and "Montage". Later on, some of these tracks would become parts of his "Decade" and "Revive" albums. In 2014, two albums were released with old, original recordings of his music. Lynne has published occasional electronic dance/trance music under the name "Divinorum", including a collaboration with Aural Planet, called "Power Liquids".

Lynne has composed music for film, including Walpurgisnacht and the C. S. Lewis biography Through a Lens Darkly.[1] He has also composed or designed music for over 80 video games.[2]


Albumns [3]
Year Title Publisher Notes
2014 Traveller
2008 Quiet Places self-published
2006 Undercover self-published co-composition with Adam Skorupa ("Skorpik"), thriller/spy music
2004 Soothe self-published soothing meditation music
2004 Statement self-published dance music
2003 Power Liquids self-published collaboration with Aural Planet
2001 The Gods Awaken based on the book by Allan Cole, 3rd album in the Timura trilogy
2000 Revive album of older works in the MOD demoscene, traditional instrumentation
2000 Talisman self-published
1999 Isms self-published
1999 Worms Armageddon original soundtrack for Worms Armageddon video game, Team17
1999 Wolves of the Gods Cyclops/GFT based on the book by Allan Cole, 2nd album in the Timura trilogy
1998 Worms 2 SynSoniq Records original soundtrack for Worms 2 video game
1998 Wizard of the Winds Cyclops/GFT based on the book by Allan Cole, 2nd album in the Timura trilogy, adventure / progressive rock [4]
1997 The Void Cyclops/GFT & LynneMusic republished by LynneMusic in 2004, vibrant electronic progressive psychedelic melodic space-rock [5]
1996 Witchwood Mellow Records adventure / soft progressive rock
1995 Dreamstate Centaur Discs melodic / progressive electronic
1994 Montage DENS Design
1992 Hobbits & Spaceships Joint effort with "Fleshbrain" Seppo Hurme
Game Soundtracks
Year Title Type Notes
2006 Geneforge 4: Rebellion Intro music
2005 Squirrel Escape Flash game Sound effects for a small Flash game
2005 Lemmings PSP game Sound effects for a PSP game
2005 Zombieball Game effects, voice recording, some music
2005 Lost City of Gold arcade game music [6]
2005 Worms 4: Mayhem Team17
2005 Midnight Strike online game Sound effects.[7]
2005 BumpCopter 2 small online game Sound effects.[7]
2004 Ahriman's Prophecy PC RPG game by Amaranth Games, some tracks
2004 Multiaire PC puzzle/strategy game game by Lost Port software, custom sound design
2004 Worms Forts: Under Siege PC, Xbox; PlayStation 2 game by Sega. All music, sound effects and voice arrangement / editing / recording (with Team17)
2004 Blox Forever PC Puzzle game Custom sound design.[8]
2003 Worms 3D game by Sega. All music, sound effects and voice arrangement / editing / recording (with Team17)
2003 Restaurant Empire PC restaurant simulation game Developed with DirectMusic interactive music system (DirectX 8)
2003 Catch the Sperm 3 educational game humorous downloadable “sexual education” game developed by Black Pencil Entertainment AG for the Swiss ministry of public health.[9]
2001 Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant PC hotel simulation game titled “Hotel Giant” in Europe, developed by Enlight Software and published by JoWood. All music, sound effect and voice recording/processing
2001 Worms Blast PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube & Game Boy Advance All music, sound effects and voice editing (not GBA version). PC music (DirectX 8, with Team17)
2001 Capitalism II Buisness simulation game developed by Enlight Software. All music & sound effects
2001 Worms World Party PC and Dreamcast Single- or multiplayer humor/strategy game. All music, sound effects and voice recording/processing. (With Team17)
2001 Bomberman online game arcade/action game developed by Elkware, featuring 4 tracks of music
2001 Stunt GP PC, Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 Car stunt/racing game for PC, Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. Music and sound-fx, with Team17
2000 Gate first-person shooter Gothic sci-fi game from GateSoft, Korea. Two pieces of music
2000 Ford Racing PC and PlayStation Car racing game for PC and PlayStation - music
2000 Siege of Avalon PC game Episodic role-playing game for PC. All in-game General MIDI Music (not front-end music)
2000 Spin Jam PlayStation Puzzle game for PlayStation. All music and sound-fx
2000 Phoenix - Deep Space Resurrection PC game "Space opera" 3D action/drama game for PC. Music (not sound-fx)
2000 Virtual-U University simulator game Features classical music by Handel – arranged for the game. Also original composition for the animated intro
1999 Worms Armageddon PC, PlayStation, Dreamcast Music and sound effects (with Microprose, Team17)
1999 Seven Kingdoms II – The Frythan Wars PC game Realtime Strategy game for PC. All music and sound effects
1999 Arcade Pool 2 PC game Pool/Snooker game. Music & sound-fx (with Team17)
1998 Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy PC game Point-and-click adventure game. Voice editing, music
1998 Worms 2 puzzle game Microprose (with Team17)
1998 Addiction Pinball' 'and Worms Pinball PC game All music and sound effects (with Team17)
1997 Seven Kingdoms PC game RealTime Strategy game. All music and sound effects
1997 Dark Corona arcade game For Mac. Music.
1996 X2 PlayStation arcade game All music, sound effects and voice editing/processing (with Team17)
1996 World Rally Fever PC racing game Sound effects.
1995 Worms Music, sound effects and voice editing/processing, not Game Boy version (with Team17)
1995 Alien Breed 3D First-person shooter game for Amiga 1200 and CD32. Music & sfx
1994 Qwak arcade/platform game for Amiga. Music (with Team17)
1992 Project X arcade/shooter game for Amiga. Includes one music track
1992 Escape from Colditz adventure game for Amiga. Music
1992 Fantastic Voyage arcade/adventure game for Amiga. Music
1992 Cubulus puzzle/strategy game for Amiga. Music
1991 Brat arcade game for Amiga. Music
1993 Super Obliteration for Amiga. Music

as Dr. Awesome[edit]

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  1. Tokyo Getaway EP (2009) by Polygon Palace - contains a sample of Now What Medley by Lynne.[10]
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