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Bladt Industries A/S is a Danish company which produces large, complex steel structures for three different industries: Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Wind & Renewable Energy. Bladt Industries A/S was established in 1965 as the company Jørgen Bladt A/S.

Reference list[edit]

Bladt Industries A/S has contributed to many large projects e.g.:

  • Steel foundations for Horns Rev 2 (the world's largest wind farm at its inauguration in 2009)
  • Steel foundations for London Array (expected to become the world's largest wind farm[1])
  • Offshore substation to Nysted Wind Farm (Denmark's first offshore substation)
  • Offshore Substation for Anholt, Walney 2, Walney 1, Rødsand B, Gunfleet Sands, Robin Rigg, Lillgrund, Princess Amalia (Q7), Nysted
  • Offshore Foundations for Anholt, Gwynt Y Mor, Walney 2, London Array, Baltic 1, Belwind, Mobile Met Mast, Horns Rev 2, Egmond aan Zee, Samsø Offhosre wind farm

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