Lillgrund Wind Farm

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Lillgrund Wind Farm
Lillgrund, Malmö.jpg
Lillgrund Wind Farm seen from Klagshamns point
Lillgrund Wind Farm within the Skåne region, Sweden
Coordinates55°31′N 12°47′E / 55.517°N 12.783°E / 55.517; 12.783Coordinates: 55°31′N 12°47′E / 55.517°N 12.783°E / 55.517; 12.783
Construction beganAugust 2006
Commission dateJune 2008
Wind farm
Max. water depth4–8 m (13–26 ft)
Distance from shore7 km (4.3 mi)
Hub height65 m (213 ft)
Rotor diameter93 m (305 ft)
Power generation
Units operational48
Make and modelSiemens Wind Power: SWT-2.3-93
Nameplate capacity110 MW
Annual net output330 GWh
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Lillgrund Wind Farm is located about 10 km off the coast of southern Sweden, just south of the Öresund Bridge, where average wind speeds are 8 to 10 metres per second (26 to 33 ft/s). With 48 wind turbines (Siemens SWT-2.3-93) and a capacity of 110 megawatts (MW), Lillgrund is Sweden's largest offshore wind farm, which will meet the domestic electricity demand of more than 60,000 homes (5000 kWh per home).[1] The farm's turbines have a rotor diameter of 93 metres and a total height of 115 metres.

A 2016 study found no significant effect on marine life.[2][3]

Aerial view of Lillgrund
Aerial view of Lillgrund

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