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Flag of Blokzijl
Coat of arms of Blokzijl
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 52°43′35″N 5°57′42″E / 52.72639°N 5.96167°E / 52.72639; 5.96167
Country Netherlands
Province Overijssel
Municipality Steenwijkerland
Population 1,300
View to the town
Blokzijl harbour

Blokzijl is a city located southwest of Steenwijk in the province of Overijssel, the Netherlands.

Blokzijl grew in the 1580s. During the siege of Steenwijk, the Dutch built there a fortified lock or in local dialect zijl or siel. It received city rights in 1672. Until 1973, it was a separate municipality; it is now part of Steenwijkerland.

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Coordinates: 52°43′N 5°58′E / 52.717°N 5.967°E / 52.717; 5.967