FC Zbrojovka Brno

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FC Zbrojovka Brno
FC Zbrojovka Brno
Full name FC Zbrojovka Brno
Nickname(s) Flinta (The Gun)
Founded 1913; 102 years ago (1913) as SK Židenice
Ground Městský fotbalový stadion Srbská, Brno
Ground Capacity 12,550
Chairman Václav Bartoněk
Manager Václav Kotal
League Czech First League
2013–14 9th

FC Zbrojovka Brno is a professional football club based in the city of Brno, Moravia,Czech Republic. Founded in 1913 as SK Židenice, the club later became known as Zbrojovka Brno. Brno won the Czechoslovak First League in the 1977–78 season and finished as runners-up in 1979–80.


The club, initially known as SK Židenice, played in the top tier of Czechoslovakian football from 1933 until suffering relegation in the 1946–47 Czechoslovak First League.[1] During this period, the club entered the Mitropa Cup three times, reaching the quarter finals in 1935 as well as taking part in the competition in 1936 and 1938.

Between 1950 and 1962 the club played outside the top tier, returning in the 1962–63 Czechoslovak First League.[1] Five seasons elapsed before the club was again relegated, in 1967.[1] They then spent four years in the second tier of Czechoslovak football before returning to the top flight.[1] In the 1970s the club was a strong force in the country, winning the Czechoslovak First League in 1978, finishing third the following season and being runners up in 1980.

The 1980s were less spectacular for Brno, as the club was relegated in 1983, playing until 1989 in the second tier. After just two seasons in the top tier, the club finished last in 1991 and was again relegated.[1]

Between 1992 and 2011, Brno played in the top tier of the Czech Republic for 19 consecutive seasons, the longest such spell in the club's history.[1] In 2011, the club was relegated to the second division.[1] In the 2011–12 Czech 2. Liga, the club only managed to finish fourth, missing out on the promotion places. However, due to the stadium requirements of the Czech First League, champions FK Ústí nad Labem as well as third-placed FK Baník Sokolov were ineligible for promotion. As a result, Brno won promotion immediately back to the top tier.[2]

Historical names[edit]

  • SK Židenice (1913–47)
  • Zbrojovka Brno (1951–56)
  • Spartak ZJŠ Brno (1956–68)
  • Zbrojovka Brno (1968–92)
  • Boby Brno (1992–2000)
  • Stavo Artikel Brno (2000–02)
  • 1.FC Brno (2002–10)
  • FC Zbrojovka Brno (2010–)

In 1962, there was an amalgamation between Rudá Hvězda Brno (1956–1962) and Spartak ZJŠ Brno.

European competitions[edit]

Brno have competed a number of times in European competitions, reaching the second round of the 1978–79 European Cup in their only appearance to date in the competition. The club played in the 1993–94 European Cup Winners' Cup but lost in the first round.

Brno took part in the UEFA Cup three times, reaching the quarter finals in 1979/80 and also playing in 1980/81 and 1997/98.

Brno played five times in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, reaching the quarter finals in 1963–64. They competed in the Mitropa Cup three times before World War II, reaching the quarter finals in 1935.


Brno have played at Městský fotbalový stadion Srbská since 2001, when they moved from previous home Stadion Za Lužánkami.[3] In the 1990s, Brno attracted record crowds to their football matches, with Za Lužánkami as the venue for all of the top ten most-attended Czech First League matches.[4] The highest attendance for a Brno match is 44,120, set in a league match against Slavia Prague.[4]


Current squad[edit]

As of 20 March, 2015.[5]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Czech Republic GK Dušan Melichárek (on loan from Zaprešić)
3 Czech Republic DF Petr Buchta
4 Czech Republic DF Jakub Jugas (on loan from Zlín)
6 Czech Republic FW Josef Čtvrtníček
7 Czech Republic MF Pavel Zavadil (captain)
8 Czech Republic DF Jan Malík
9 Serbia FW Miroslav Marković
10 Czech Republic MF Lukáš Zoubele
11 Czech Republic FW Stanislav Vávra
14 Czech Republic DF Pavel Košťál
15 Czech Republic MF Jan Sýkora (on loan from Sparta)
16 Czech Republic MF Šimon Šumbera
17 Czech Republic GK Václav Hladký
No. Position Player
18 Czech Republic MF Roman Fischer (on loan from Senica)
19 Czech Republic MF Milan Lutonský
20 Czech Republic GK Vlastimil Veselý
21 Slovakia MF Kamil Kopúnek
22 Czech Republic DF Aleš Schuster
23 Slovakia FW Fabián Slančík
24 Czech Republic DF Alois Hyčka
25 Czech Republic MF David Pašek
26 Czech Republic MF Radek Buchta
27 France FW Donneil Moukanza
28 Slovakia FW Tomáš Brigant
30 Slovakia DF Miroslav Keresteš

In affiliated clubs[edit]

As of 20 February, 2015.[6]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Czech Republic MF Daniel Přerovský (at Líšeň)
Czech Republic MF David Jukl (at Blansko)
Czech Republic FW Jindřich Stehlík (at Líšeň)
Czech Republic FW Ondřej Ullmann (at Blansko)
No. Position Player
Czech Republic FW Martin Levai (at Blansko)
Czech Republic FW Jakub Krejčíř (at Blansko)
Czech Republic FW Tomáš Sodomka (at Blansko)

Out on loan[edit]

As of 20 February, 2015.[7]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Czech Republic GK Jan Zádrapa (at Břeclav)
Bosnia and Herzegovina DF Muamer Avdić (at Baník Most)
Czech Republic DF Jakub Šural (at Baník Most)
Czech Republic DF Jiří Janoščin (at Třinec)
Czech Republic DF Pavel Drbal (at Olomouc)
Czech Republic DF Tadeáš Zezula (at Břeclav)
Senegal MF Lamine Fall (at Baník Most)
Czech Republic MF Martin Sus (at Prostějov)
Czech Republic MF Rostislav Varaďa (at Olomouc)
No. Position Player
Czech Republic MF Dalibor Dvořák (at Olomouc)
Czech Republic MF Tomáš Kunc (at Břeclav)
Czech Republic MF Michal Kugler (at Břeclav)
Czech Republic MF Jakub Dvořák (at Dosta Bystrc-Kníničky)
Guinea MF Mohamed Traoré (at AFK Tišnov)
Czech Republic FW Karel Kroupa (at Prostějov)
Czech Republic FW Michal Škoda (at Dynamo České Budějovice)
Czech Republic FW Pavel Lapeš (at Břeclav)
Czech Republic FW Milan Halaška (at Frýdek-Místek)

Reserve squad[edit]

As of 10 April 2015

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Czech Republic GK Pavel Halouska
Czech Republic GK David Záleský
Czech Republic DF Michal Bednář
Czech Republic DF Jiří Boček
Czech Republic DF Jakub Černý
Czech Republic DF Martin Sedlo
Czech Republic DF Jan Sedlák
Nigeria DF John Mackdonald Igbinoba
Czech Republic MF Kevin Babička
Czech Republic MF Dominik Duda
Czech Republic MF Petr Fojtík
Czech Republic MF Ladislav Hanuš
No. Position Player
Czech Republic MF David Pazourek
Czech Republic MF David Krška
Czech Republic MF Daniel Pospíšil
Czech Republic MF Tomáš Weber
Czech Republic FW Jakub Krejčíř
Czech Republic FW Martin Levai
Czech Republic FW Jakub Přichystal
Czech Republic FW Tomáš Sodomka
Czech Republic FW David Štrombach
Saudi Arabia FW Majid Defallah Jbran
Czech Republic FW Václav Klán (on loan from Sparta)

Notable former players[edit]

For all players with a Wikipedia article, see Category:FC Zbrojovka Brno players

Current technical staff[edit]

As of 25 July 2013
Position Name
Manager Czech Republic Václav Kotal
Assistant manager Czech Republic Michal Šmarda
Goalkeeping coach Czech Republic Luboš Přibyl
Fitness coach Czech Republic Jan Cacek
Physiotherapist Czech Republic Ivan Jánský
Club doctor Czech Republic Petr Gál
Czech Republic Jan Ulbrych
Czech Republic Šimon Ondruš
Masseur Czech Republic Jiří Stejskal
Czech Republic Petr Doubrava
Kit manager Czech Republic Jiří Havlíček
Reserves coach Czech Republic Richard Dostálek
Under-19s coach Czech Republic René Wagner
Academy director Czech Republic Luděk Zajíc


History in domestic competitions[edit]

  • Seasons spent at Level 1 of the football league system: 34
  • Seasons spent at Level 2 of the football league system: 8
  • Seasons spent at Level 3 of the football league system: 0
  • Seasons spent at Level 4 of the football league system: 0

Czech Republic[edit]

Season League Placed Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Cup
1993–1994 1. liga 12th 30 10 6 14 38 46 –8 36 Quarterfinals
1994–1995 1. liga 3rd 30 15 9 6 52 27 +25 54 Round of 32
1995–1996 1. liga 8th 30 12 7 11 39 42 –3 43 Round of 64
1996–1997 1. liga 4th 30 14 10 6 44 35 +9 52 Quarterfinals
1997–1998 1. liga 10th 30 10 7 13 42 42 0 37 Semifinals
1998–1999 1. liga 7th 30 11 8 11 37 33 +4 41 Quarterfinals
1999–2000 1. liga 4th 30 12 6 12 3 33 +2 42 Round of 16
2000–2001 1. liga 13th 30 7 9 14 24 35 –11 30 Round of 16
2001–2002 1. liga 8th 30 10 10 10 34 42 –8 40 Round of 16
2002–2003 1. liga 9th 30 10 9 11 35 31 +4 39 Round of 16
2003–2004 1. liga 14th 30 7 9 14 33 43 –10 30 Quarterfinals
2004–2005 1. liga 11th 30 9 6 15 30 42 –12 33 Round of 32
2005–2006 1. liga 12th 30 7 14 9 35 36 –1 35 Semifinals
2006–2007 1. liga 5th 30 13 7 10 34 42 –8 46 Second Round
2007–2008 1. liga 4th 30 16 7 7 43 32 +11 55 Semifinals
2008–2009 1. liga 11th 30 9 8 13 32 36 –4 35 Round of 32
2009–2010 1. liga 11th 30 9 8 13 31 40 –9 35 Round of 32
2010–2011 1. liga 15th 30 7 3 20 33 55 –22 24 Quarterfinals
2011–2012 2. liga 4th 30 13 10 7 37 29 +8 49 Round of 32
2012–2013 1. liga 13th 30 9 5 16 34 53 –19 32 Second Round
2013–2014 1. liga 9th 30 10 7 13 32 42 –10 37 Semifinals


Czechoslovak First League

Czech First League

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