Bombay Scottish School, Powai

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Bombay Scottish Mahim Wordmark.svg
Bombay Scottish School Logo.png
Raheja Vihar, Off Chandivali Farm Road, Powai
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400072
Coordinates 19°7′5.5″N 72°53′36″E / 19.118194°N 72.89333°E / 19.118194; 72.89333Coordinates: 19°7′5.5″N 72°53′36″E / 19.118194°N 72.89333°E / 19.118194; 72.89333
Type Private School
Motto Perseverentia et Fide in Deo
(Perseverance and Faith in God)
Religious affiliation(s) Christianity
Founded 1997
School board ICSE
Principal Sunita George
Grades Kindergarten – 10th
Gender Co-educational
Average class size 42 -45
Classes offered Jr KG to 10th
Language English (UK)
Hours in school day 8-8.5
Campus type Urban
Houses Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Song Sing Bombay Scottish School
Yearbook Tartan and The Scottish Herald
School fees 60,000 per annum
Affiliation Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

Bombay Scottish School is a private, co-educational school located in Mumbai, India. It is an affiliate of the Bombay Scottish School, Mahim.

School flag and motto[edit]

The school flag features the white cross of St. Andrew against a blue band. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.It bears the 'Crux decussata'. The flag is flown during ceremonial occasions like the school's Sport's Day. The school's motto is "Perseverantia et Fide in Deo" which means perseverance and faith in god.


The Bombay Scottish School follows the syllabus of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. English is the medium of instruction. Hindi is taught as a second language and Marathi is taught as a third language(from 1st standard to 8th standard). French is taught as an elective subject(ninth and 10th standard only). Tests are conducted periodically and examinations are held at the end of every school term. The school's students have consistently performed well at the I.C.S.E. examinations .


Bombay Scottish is a cosmopolitan school. Although the majority of the pupils are Hindu by religion, the school attempts to impart Christian values to the children. The Christmas Concert is celebrated every December and a sports meet and a farewell party for students who are passing out of the institution are held.

School flag


The school is managed by a Board of Trustees.The Principal of this school is Sunita George, who manages the general administration. The Senior Academic Coordinator, Jane Kotian, manages the curricular activities of the school. There are Academic coordinators at the Junior School, Middle School and High School levels.

  • Junior School Co-ordinator: Tina Quadras
  • Upper Primary Co-ordinator: Mithua Bhattacharjee
  • Middle School Co-ordinator: Joanna Stanes
  • High School Co-ordinator: Esther Selvaraj

Student office bearers[edit]

A School Captain and a Vice-Captain are selected from amongst the students of Class 10 by the Principal upon recommendation by the Faculty. Additionally, House Captains and Vice-Captains (two for each house) are selected by the teachers and Principal. A Sports Captain and a Sports Vice-Captain are selected to manage the sports activities of the House. Student wardens(known as Prefects) are elected every year from among the higher classes(8th, 9th and 10th standards) to maintain discipline and order within classes.

House system[edit]

The main objective of the House System is to foster a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity amongst students. The House System also serves as the centre of school life, with houses often competing at sports and other co-curricular activities. There are four school houses – Blue, Green, Red, Yellow. The boys' house names are named after Scottish missionaries and the girls' are named after British queens.

Boys Girls
MacGregor Elizabeth
Kennedy Victoria
MacPherson Catherine
Haddow Anne

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