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Traditional attire of Bori(ADI) People.

The Bori are an indigenous tribe of the Adi people living in the districts of East Siang, Upper Siang and West Siang in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Organisation and lifestyle[edit]

The Bori (ADI) Tribe mostly found in Payum circle. Most of the villages of Bori (ADI) tribe are situated under Payum circle. In villages, Gam burah or Gao Burah moderates the council of village. The head of the council (Village) is chosen by the unanimous decision by people of the Council (village). To solve any problem of village, they make get-together in village kebang (BANGGO) in presence of the head of the council (village). Bori (ADI) people practice rice cultivation, and it is considered as the main staple food. They practice Hunting, trapping, etc. as well. Bori (ADI) people keeps mithuns, chickens, pigs. They also grow domestic vegetables. The lifestyle of Bori (ADI) people are as same as other tribes of Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh. Total no. of village in Payum circle= 1. Pame 2. Reying 3. Mega 4. Molo 5. Meying 6. Bogu 7. Cheying 8. Dupu 9. Row 10. Yio 11. Payum 12. Payum h.q. 13. Gate 14. Gasheng 15. Gaming


The language spoken by this group is called Bori (ADI). It is spoken with major variations among all the Bori-Adi sub-groups.


The Bori (ADI) celebrates their own festival known as DONGGIN. In ADI Donggin means spring season. They welcome spring season by celebrating Donggin in 2nd of Feb to 5th of Feb. They celebrate this festival for good harvesting as well. In this festival, they sacrifice mithuns,pigs and chickens to ANE Donggin for well living & prosperity.[1]



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