Boxing in Australia

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Country Australia
National team Australia
International competitions
Audience records
Single match Jeff Fenech v Azumah Nelson, 35,000, 1992, Princes Park[1]

Boxing in Australia refers to the sport of boxing held in Australia.


The influence traditional martial arts, Olympic wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu have shaped MMA in Australia, along with the combat sports of Boxing and Kickboxing/Muay Thai.


States and territories of Australia there are different sanctioning bodies and rules. Sanctioning bodies include: Combat Sports Authority (NSW), Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board (Victoria).

Governing Body[edit]

Boxing Australia is the national sporting body that runs amateur boxing in Australia and Australian National Boxing Federation which governs Professional boxing in Australia.


Current Champions[edit]

Male Champions[edit]

Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Flyweight Omari Kimweri 13 October 2012
Super Flyweight Fred Mundraby 9 November 2012
Bantamweight Roberto Lerio 3 September 2011
Super Bantamweight Fred Mundraby 22 October 2011
Featherweight Will Young 17 September 2011
Super Featherweight Kye MacKenzie 17 August 2013
Lightweight George Kambosos Jnr 10 May 2014
Light Welterweight Qamil Balla 27 June 2014
Welterweight Rivan Cesaire 1 November 2012
Light Middleweight Shannon King 21 September 2013
Middleweight Dwight Ritchie 15 December 2012
Super Middleweight Jake Carr 29 June 2013
Light Heavyweight Blake Caparello
Cruiserweight Mark Flanagan
Heavyweight Hunter Sam 13 December 2013

Female Champions[edit]

Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Super Flyweight Edith Smith 9 November 2012
Bantamweight Sylvia Scharper 3 September 2011
Super Bantamweight Jasmin Ward 22 October 2011
Featherweight Tiana Caverley 17 September 2011
Lightweight Sabrina Ostowari 10 May 2014
Light Welterweight Diana Prazak 13 October 2012

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