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Industry Food processing
Founded 1936
Founders Bill and Bob Boyer
Headquarters Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
Products Chocolate products
Website Website

Boyer is a candy company located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The factory is located in the downtown district.


A split Mallo Cup

Boyer was founded during the Great Depression by brothers Bill and Bob Boyer as a means of supplementing their income. The business was originally operated from their own kitchen with their mother and sister hand-wrapping candy as Bill finished making it. Bob sold the candy door to door. Initial products included homemade fudge and nut raisin clusters, but as demand increased, they expanded their offerings and moved production to a new manufacturing facility in 1936. That year, began experimenting with covering marshmallow in chocolate and this resulted in Mallo Cups, a cup-shaped candy consisting of a whipped marshmallow creme center covered with chocolate (resembling Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which did not appear until later).[1] They also began producing Smoothies, a peanut butter center covered with butterscotch confection, and Peanut Butter Cups, a peanut butter center covered with chocolate. The company also produced other cup candies such as Fluffernutter, a mixture of marshmallow and peanut butter covered in chocolate.

Boyer was acquired by American Maize Products in 1969, and in 1970 a new 32,000 square foot warehouse was constructed.[2] In June 1984, American Maize sold the company to Anthony Forgione, founder of Consolidated Brands. The company still operates from its original plant in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The Boyer Candies factory in Altoona, Pennsylvania


The Boyer Mallo Cup is a coconut-laced milk chocolate cup that contains a whipped marshmallow center invented in 1936. It is the first cup candy in America.[3] Mallo Cup cardboard wrapper inserts were printed with illustrations of coins. These cardboard coins can be saved and redeemed for items from the company's prize catalogue. In November 2010, Boyer introduced a dark chocolate version of the Mallo Cup.

Company financials[edit]

In 2016, Boyer was the only US chocolate maker to show a strong growth rate (20.9%), though its overall market share was relatively small compared to companies like Mars, Incorporated and The Hershey Company.[4]


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