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Brijalal Nehru (1884–1964) was a noted civil servant and member of the Nehru family.

He was the son of Pandit Nandlal Nehru (the elder brother of Motilal Nehru) and the cousin of Jawaharlal Nehru. Nandlal Nehru was Diwan of Khetri State for 11 years.[1]

Brijlal was born in 1884 in Allahbad and he grew up in Anand Bhawan.[2] Brijlal, had been sent to Oxford in 1905 to compete for the Indian Civil Service by Motilal Nehru.[3] He was a senior officer of the Audit and Accounts Service. After his retirement, he served Finance Minister of Princely State of Jammu & Kashmir during reign of Maharaja Hari Singh.[1]

He was married to Rameshwari Raina, a noted social and women activist and a freedom fighter and recipient of Padma Bhushan in 1955,[4] Later she also won the Lenin Peace Prize in 1961.[5]

Their son was Braj Kumar Nehru (1909-2001), an administrator and Padma Vibhushan recipient.[6]

Brijlal died in 1964, the same year in which his illustrious cousin died.[7]


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