Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (cycle 9)

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Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (cycle 9)
Cycle 9 Cast
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original network Sky Living
Original release 20 June (2013-06-20) – 5 September 2013 (2013-09-05)
Cycle chronology
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Cycle 9
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Cycle 10
Series summary

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, Cycle 9 is the ninth cycle of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model. It began to air on 20 June 2013. This cycle once again featured fashion model Elle Macpherson as executive producer and host of the show alongside a judging panel consisting of Tyson Beckford and Dannii Minogue.[1] Former judges Whitney Port and Julien Macdonald did not come back for the new series.

A new format was introduced at panel this season. Guest judges were no longer a deciding factor during eliminations, and the power lied solely in the main judges' hands. The cycle featured fourteen contestants in its final cast.[2] Additionally, a new elimination process was implemented. At panel, the judges went straight into deliberation without having evaluated each contestant individually. Furthermore, there were multiple contestants in danger of elimination each week as opposed to the usual two in seasons past.

The prizes for this cycle were:

  • A modelling contract with Models 1.
  • A fashion editorial, along with an appearance on the cover of fashion magazine Company.
  • A contract with Revlon cosmetics and TRESemmé.
  • And an all-expenses paid shopping spree to New York City.

The winner of the competition was 23-year-old Lauren Lambert from Wallington, Surrey, England. Lambert is the first winner of the series to have received a total of four first call-outs during the competition.


Cycle 9 auditions began on November 2012. The show saw a record number of auditions held in over 17 cities ranging from Plymouth to Glasgow. Thousands of applicants were narrowed to twenty-eight semi-finalists. For unknown reasons, the number was lowered to twenty-seven. Fourteen contestants were selected to take part in the final cast. Filming of the series began on 21 January 2013[1] The first airing on 20 June contained two episodes.[3]


Two judges from the previous cycle did not retain their positions. Elle Macpherson continued as head judge and executive producer along with model Tyson Beckford, but fashion designer Julien Macdonald and Whitney Port decided to leave the show. Australian singer and talent show judge Dannii Minogue joined Macpherson and Beckford. This leaves the show with a panel of only three judges, the first time since cycle 5.[2]


The cycle once again featured a boot-camp stage. Initially, 28 hopefuls were selected to join the semi-finals.[4] However, only 27 of them were revealed to the public.[5] 14 girls ultimately proceeded onto the main competition as finalists.

International destination[edit]

This cycle's international destination was Barbados.[1] This was the first season since cycle 4 to have featured only one international destination.


(ages stated are at start of contest)[6]

Contestant Age Height Hometown Finish Place
Christina Chalk 19 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Dunblane Episode 2 14
Danielle Sandhu 20 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Retford Episode 3 13
Jess Patterson 19 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Knocklyon Episode 4 12
Abigail Johns 18 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) London Episode 5 11
Laura Young 19 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Malvern Episode 6 10
Emily Garner 18 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Chelmsford Episode 7 9
Saffron Williams 19 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Batley Episode 8 8
Holly Carpenter 21 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Raheny, Dublin Episode 9 7
Angel Mbonu 18 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Middlesex Episode 10 6
Naomi Pelkiewicz 22 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Bristol Episode 11 5
Sophie Ellson 19 1.81 m (5 ft 11 12 in) Bournemouth Episode 12 4
Sarah Kennedy 22 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in) Portnoo, Donegal Episode 13 3-2
Emma Ward 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Leeds
Lauren Lambert 23 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) Wallington, Surrey 1


Episode 1[edit]

Original Airdate: 20 June 2013[7]

The final 28 semi-finalists selected to take part in Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model attend the casting of their lives. The girls get a chance to meet one another before meeting Elle, Tyson, and Dannii in person. As the crowd of models watches on, each contestant must walk in front of the judges before being asked questions in order for them to get to know her better.

Immediately after the interviews, the girls are dismissed from the room. The judges deliberate on which eight girls should be eliminated. After they make their decision, they reveal to the models that in the room downstairs there is a board with the 20 photographs of the girls that will be moving forward in the competition. Ayoola, Ella, Dominique, Janay, Lucy, Lydia, and Stephanie fail to find their photographs on the board, and are thus eliminated from the competition. The remaining twenty girls move on to the second day of casting.

  • First eliminated semi-finalists: Ayoola Sundari Smart, Ella, Dominique Binns, Janay Saddler,[8] Lucy Bell, Lydia Lyn & Stephanie Taylor

The following day, the remaining models take part in their first photo shoot challenge. They must pose together in groups of four while wearing absolutely no make-up.

Group Models
One Angel M., Emma, Hannah, Laura
Two Claire, Jess, Lauren, Saffron
Three Christina, Elizabeth, Emily, Holly
Four Abigail, Angel O., Danielle, Naomi
Five Aleksandra, Carly, Sarah, Sophie

After the shoot, Elle, Dannii, and Tyson discuss the photographs that the girls had taken earlier that day. As nightfall looms in, each group of models is called individually to face their verdict and find out whether or not they have made the top 14. The judges eliminate one or two girls from each group as they see fit, until only fourteen finalists remain. Danielle Sandhu, a model who had failed to make the final cut in cycle seven, successfully makes it into the final cast. The episode ends as the final fourteen models move into their new home.

  • Second eliminated semi-finalists: Aleksandra Kozielska, Angel Ojera, Carly Gordon, Claire Bodie, Elizabeth Hamilton & Hannah Gardner
  • Featured photographer: Alex James

Episode 2[edit]

Original Airdate: 20 June 2013[7]

The final fourteen settle into their new home. They receive their very first Elle Mail, which tells them to be prepared for the upcoming challenge the following day.

The following morning, the models arrive at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham for their very first bridal runway show. They meet model Jade Parfitt and designer Ian Stuart, who ask each one of the girls to show them their runway walk. Each girl is divided into a team of either brides or bridesmaids. Angel, Christina, Emily, Holly, Laura, Lauren, Naomi, Saffron, and Sophie are chosen to be brides. Abigail, Emma, Danielle, Jess, and Sarah are chosen to be bridesmaids. Immediately before fittings start, Jade and Ian decide to switch Naomi and Emma's roles in the show, which leaves Naomi in distress.

Brief Models
Bride Angel, Christina, Emily, Emma, Holly, Laura, Lauren, Saffron, Sophie
Bridesmaid Abigail, Danielle, Jess, Naomi, Sarah

After the show ends, Angel and Naomi are revealed to be the winners of the bridal runway challenge. They find various products and other prizes sponsored by the show waiting for them back at home.

The next day, the models are taken to a warehouse for their photo shoot. There they find their mentor and judge Dannii as well as Victoria White, editor of Company Magazine. They are asked to create the perfect cover shot for the magazine. The majority of the girls receive mostly positive feedback, with Saffron and Danielle impressing the least.

For judging, a new system is implemented. The models wait backstage with a board containing copies of their best photos from the shoot. While they wait, the judges discuss their photographs and deliberate on each model's overall performance. Clear standouts include Emma, Lauren, and Naomi, among others. Abigail, Christina, Danielle, Saffron, and Sarah are critiqued most. The girls enter the judging room for the first time, and Emma is awarded picture of the week. In increments of three, nine other girls are dismissed from the room declared safe. The last four girls, Christina, Danielle, Saffron, and Sarah remain in the room to be critiqued further. Saffron and Sarah are judged about their lack of confidence, while Danielle is critiqued for her lack of presence. Despite having a great personality, Christina comes under fire for not being able to deliver in pictures. The four models in danger are asked to leave while a decision is made. Once the judges have made up their mind, the girls are called back in. Sarah, Saffron, and Danielle continue in the running. Christina is handed a portfolio containing all of her pictures from the show, thus being eliminated from the competition.

  • First call-out: Emma Ward
  • Bottom four: Christina Chalk, Danielle Sandhu, Saffron Williams & Sarah Kennedy
  • Eliminated: Christina Chalk
  • Featured photographer: Tim James
  • Special guests: Jade Parfitt, Ian Stuart, Victoria White

Episode 3[edit]

Original Airdate: 27 June 2013[9]

The episode begins on the same night of Christina's elimination after the remaining thirteen models have arrived back at the house. The girls receive an Elle Mail informing them that makeovers will take place the following day. Saffron begins to worry that the judges will want to cut off her hair.

The next morning, the models are taken to the salon where hair stylist Matthew Curtis will be in charge of their new looks. To encourage the girls to embrace their new looks, Elle also receives a makeover. Most girls are content with the changes they are given, with Abigail, Saffron, and Emily being the most unhappy. Abigail and Saffron refuse to have their hair cut at all, becoming the first contestants in the entire series to have ever refused a makeover.

For the shoot, the girls get taken to a manor house in the countryside where they meet their judge Tyson and gymnast Louis Smith. They are to pose on a pommel horse while at the same time retaining their connection with Louis, who is their partner for the shoot. Some of the girls struggle to maintain their balance, but generally everyone does a good job. Sarah and Lauren receive the best feedback during their sessions, while Emma struggles with her confidence.

After the photo shoot, the girls are treated for a meal at a top London restaurant. Lauren begins to talk about her life before coming onto the show, and confesses that she was kicked out of her house at the age of fifteen.

During elimination day, the girls get to take a look at their best pictures while the judges deliberate. Sophie, Holly, Naomi, Sarah, and Lauren receive some of the best comments from the judges. They also comment on Sarah's marked improvement from the week before. Jess and Danielle are judged on not standing out enough, while Abigail and Saffron are criticised for not having cut their hair during makeovers, and possibly not being equipped to be a model.

The models are called back into the room, and Lauren is awarded best picture. Eight other girls are dismissed and declared safe, leaving Abigail, Danielle, Laura, and Saffron as the bottom four contestants. Each girl goes up for an individual critique, and are then asked to leave while a final decision is made. When the judges are done, all four are asked to come back. Laura and Saffron are declared safe. Abigail narrowly avoids being eliminated over Danielle, who is handed her portfolio and becomes the second model to be eliminated from the competition.

  • First call-out: Lauren Lambert
  • Bottom four: Abigail Johns, Danielle Sandhu, Laura Young & Saffron Williams
  • Eliminated: Danielle Sandhu
  • Featured photographer: Dan Kennedy
  • Special guests: Matthew Curtis, Louis Smith

Episode 4[edit]

Original Airdate: 4 July 2013[10]

The episode picks up on the night of the previous elimination. Sophie and Holly begin to talk about Angel's inability to clean up after herself in the house. The girls receive a new Elle Mail telling them that a few appointments for go-sees have been arranged for them the following day. They all prepare themselves by having a good night's rest in preparation for the challenge.

The next day the models arrive at the offices of Models 1, which is the prize agency for the contestant who wins the competition. There they meet model bookers Joe and Hannah, who will be in charge of watching the girls at work while they try to impress designers Ben de Lisi and Daniel Lismore. The contestants are divided into two groups of six, with each group meeting one designer at a time. At the end of the challenge, the designer must each choose one girl from the twelve girls they have seen as their challenge winner.

Group 1st Designer 2nd Designer
Emily, Laura, Lauren, Naomi, Sarah, Sophie Ben de Lisi Daniel Lismore
Abigail, Angel, Emma, Holly, Jess, Saffron Daniel Lismore Ben de Lisi

Ben compliments Naomi's unusual beauty, and calls the girls from her group out for wearing wedge booties for a casting. Meanwhile, the other group meets Daniel Lismore. Daniel calls Angel a 'walking piece of art' but later calls her and Abigail out for talking while he is trying to do a fitting. He compliments Emma's great face and body, but criticises Abigail for having worn a blue bra to a casting. Abigail also fails to walk in his dress without tripping over it. He admits that Saffron was his favourite, and tells Jess that her walk needs a lot of work. The groups later switch designers for the second part of the challenge.

Ben dislikes Saffron and Abigail's walks, but swoons over Angel's. Naomi stumbles in one of Daniel's dresses, and Sophie receives critique for bobbing her head while she walks. Lauren and Sarah receive the best feedback from him. At the end of the challenge, all the girls receive feedback from Joe and Hannah about how the castings went. Angel and Sarah are revealed to be the challenge winners. They are allowed to pick two friends, Abigail and Emma, to accompany them for a night out from the house. While Angel, Abigail, Emma, and Sarah are out, the girls back at home begin talking behind Angel's back.

For the shoot, the girls are taken to a beach. They meet Dannii, their photographer Joseph Sinclair, and British model Jourdan Dunn. They are asked to pose topless in jeans with a male model. Sarah, Laura, Naomi, Lauren, and Angel impress the most. In contrast, Jess and Holly impress the least.

During elimination day, the judges praise Naomi and Laura as the clear standouts for the shoot. Although Abigail's photograph is good, Tyson does not believe she is a model. The judges are also disappointed by her performance at the castings. After some other comments on the pictures, the girls are into the elimination room and Naomi receives picture of the week. Seven other girls are dismissed, leaving Abigail, Holly, Jess, and Sophie as the bottom four. Holly is reprimanded for still being too made up for panel and wearing too much make-up. Sophie receives critique for not showing what the judges believe to be her full potential. After they have been dismissed and a final decision is made, the four models in danger are called back. Sophie and Holly are put through to the next week. Abigail survives her second time in the bottom two, and Jess is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Naomi Pelkiewicz
  • Bottom four: Abigail Johns, Holly Carpenter, Jess Patterson & Sophie Ellson
  • Eliminated: Jess Patterson
  • Featured photographer: Joseph Sinclair
  • Special guests: Daniel Lismore, Ben de Lisi, Jourdan Dunn

Episode 5[edit]

Original Airdate: 11 July 2013

The episode begins with the weekly challenge. The models head to a studio, where they meet Elle and Nicky Johnston. They are photographed by Nicky, and are asked to find their best light in front of the lens. Most of the girls receive feedback from Elle on how to improve. Sarah is declared the challenge winner, and as her prize she is treated for a night out. She chooses Emma, Saffron, and Abigail to accompany her. While they head to the club, the rest of the girls stays at home. The models receive an Elle Mail telling them to 'take a deep breath' and prepare for the next photo shoot. Tension at home rises when the girls confront Angel, and Naomi calls her out on her 'attention seeking ways'.

The next day, the girls meet Tyson, their client Laura Maddox, and photographer Zena Holloway for an underwater photo shoot. Naomi begins her session first, with the rest of the girls watching her perform. Angel and Holly begin to argue while they wait for their turn. Emily, Saffron, Sophie, and Lauren receive positive comments from Tyson and Lauren. In contrast, Angel, Laura, and Abigail are given negative feedback. Sarah initially struggles, but manages to conquer her fear and impress both Tyson and the photographer.

During elimination day, Sarah receives the most praise for her photo. In general, the judges also express having liked Naomi, Sophie, and Holly's photographs. Emma, Laura, and Angel stand out as having some of the worst pictures. Meanwhile, Emily, Lauren, Saffron, and Abigail receive mixed comments for theirs.

The models are called into the elimination room and Sarah receives picture of the week. Sophie, Naomi, Holly, Lauren, Emily and Saffron are declared safe and are put through to the next round. Abigail, Angel, Emma, and Laura find themselves in the bottom four. The judges tell Emma that her own negativity got in the way of her shoot, and that she needs to begin believing in herself. Elle believes that Abigail and Laura have made progress, but that there are still things for them to work on. Angel is told that she needs to practice more.

After the judges have finish deliberating, the girls are called back in one last time. Angel and Emma are saved due to their strong past performances, leaving Laura and Abigail as the last two models vying for a place in the top ten. After having made her third consecutive appearance in the bottom two, Abigail is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Sarah Kennedy
  • Bottom four: Abigail Johns, Angel Mbonu, Emma Ward & Laura Young
  • Eliminated: Abigail Johns
  • Featured photographer: Zena Holloway
  • Special guests: Nicky Johnston, Lauren Maddox

Episode 6[edit]

Original Airdate: 18 July 2013

The models meet former Britain's Next Top Model judge Louis Mariette for the weekly challenge. He tells the girls that they will have perform a live runway walk with odd and outlandish accessories. Each contestant picks a box with the object they will have to walk with.

Model Accessory
Angel Chunky Knitwear
Emily Birdcage
Emma Metal Jewelry
Holly Platform Boots
Laura Dress
Lauren Angel Wings
Naomi Poodle
Saffron Pig
Sarah Roller Boots
Sophie Baby

Holly, Sophie, Lauren and Angel all receive good critiques. Naomi and Sarah also receive encouraging comments. Saffron, Emily, Laura, and Emma struggle the most with the challenge. Lauren is chosen as the challenge winner, and as her prize, she is treated to a night out at the disco. She chooses Sarah and Angel to accompany her. Later that night, the girls receive an Elle Mail. Based on the content of the message, the models correctly guess that they will have to perform in a nude shoot.

At the photo shoot the girls meet Dannii and their photographer for the day, Catherine. Laura confesses that her goal is to receive picture of the week, but Dannii believes that her performance doesn't fully translate in pictures. Holly, Sophie, Emma, Lauren, and Sarah manage to impress the duo. Emily fails to feel confident about being nude, but Dannii assures her that the end results are good.

During elimination day, the girls get to have a look at their pictures from the shoot while the judges discuss the photographs in the elimination room. Holly, Angel, Sarah, Emma, Sophie, and Lauren all receive praise for their photographs. Elle believes Laura has the right ingredients for the makings of a good model, but notes that having to photograph her is hard work. She also believes that while Naomi's photograph is good, it's not a standout from the other pictures. All three of the judges cackle at Saffron's walk from the challenge, and frown at yet another bad performance at the shoot. Emily stands out due to her lack of confidence and her awkwardness.

At elimination, Lauren receives picture of the week, and is dismissed from the judging room. She is quickly followed by Sophie, Sarah, Holly, Angel, and Emma. Emily, Laura, Naomi, and Saffron remain behind as the bottom four, with Saffron and Laura both being there for the third time during their stay in the competition.

Each model is called up for an individual evaluation. Laura is chastised for failing to live up to the potential that the judges believe she has, while Naomi is critiqued for being inconsistent in her trajectory throughout the competition. Saffron is called out on producing another mediocre picture yet again, and Emily is judged for making excuses every week.

The judges deliberate alone one last time, and the girls are called back after their decision has been made. Naomi and Saffron are put through to the next round, while Emily and Laura are asked to remain in the room. Emily is given another chance, and Laura is sent home due to her inability to produce good photographs.

  • First call-out: Lauren Lambert
  • Bottom four: Emily Garner, Laura Young, Naomi Pelkiewicz & Saffron Williams
  • Eliminated: Laura Young
  • Featured photographer: Catherine Harbour
  • Special guests: Louis Mariette

Episode 7[edit]

Original Airdate: 25 July 2013

Emily explains that while she is happy for having made it through the previous elimination, she feels sorry that Laura had to be eliminated. Holly and Saffron discuss what they perceive is the judges favouritism of Lauren and Sarah. Later that night, the girls receive an Elle Mail telling them to prepare for an early start the next day.

The following morning, the models are taken to a farm. There they meet casting director Paul de Frades and Tyson, who informs them that they will have to shoot a milk advert for make mine Milk with Daisy, their cow partner for the commercial. Afterwards, the girls are given some time off to memorise their lines.

Naomi, Saffron, Angel, and Sophie manage to do a decent job. Emma and Sarah evidently struggle to remember their lines. Other girls struggle to maintain control over the cow. Lauren allows her nerves to get the better of her, and she begins to forget her lines. As sunset begins to loom closer, the girls are gathered together so that Paul can deliver the news. Sophie is revealed to be the winner of the challenge. As her prize, she receives £1,000 worth of Danilo Gabrielli vouchers.

When the girls arrive home, they find a new Elle Mail informing them that the hair and makeup team will arrive early the next morning to prepare them for a fairy tale photo shoot.

After the girls have been styled and prepared, they are taken the studio where the shoot will take place. Elle meets the contestants there and she assigns a different fairy tale character for each model to portray.

Model Fairy Tale
Angel Snow White
Emily Rapunzel
Emma Goldilocks
Holly Maleficent
Lauren Beauty and the Beast
Naomi Sleeping Beauty
Saffron Little Red Riding Hood
Sarah Hansel and Gretel
Sophie Cinderella

Naomi is chosen to go first. Both Elle and the photographer like that she tried hard to get into character. Sarah impresses Elle and Uli with her beauty. As they are getting prepared, Holly and Angel begin to argue. Angel states that Holly has made both herself and Sarah uncomfortable. Holly begins to cry, explaining that she thinks it's cruel for Angel to bring those issues up immediately before a shoot. Sophie, Lauren, and Emma do well. Saffron is asked to portray fear. After Holly finishes her session, she begins to cry once more. Elle asks her to explain what happened, and when she does, Elle reassures her that her anguish didn't show in the pictures. Emily and Angel Struggle. Immediately after the shoot wraps up Elle speaks to the girls about professionalism, telling them that they should never bring any problems onto set.

Dannii arrives at the house for a pajama party to cheer the models up. On the morning of elimination day, the tensions reach boiling point as Sarah confronts Holly for her behaviour in the house.

During the elimination ceremony, Lauren once again receives picture of the week. Angel, Emily, Holly and Naomi stay in the elimination room as the bottom four. After the judges deliberate, Holly and Angel are declared safe. Naomi is spared from being sent home and Emily is axed from the competition due to her increasingly declining performance.

  • First call-out: Lauren Lambert
  • Bottom four: Angel Mbonu, Emily Garner, Holly Carpenter & Naomi Pelkiewicz
  • Eliminated: Emily Garner
  • Featured photographer: Uli Webber
  • Special guests: Paul de Frades

Episode 8[edit]

Original Airdate: 1 August 2013

The girls arrive home from the previous elimination. Sarah finds a birthday cake with her name on it, along with letters from her family back at home. She attempts to clear the air with Holly, but ultimately ends up getting into a new argument with her instead. Holly believes that Sarah isn't as innocent as she portrays herself to be.

The following day, the models meet journalist and stylist Hillary Alexander for their challenge. Hillary tells them that will be tested on their fashion knowledge during a fashion quiz, and she divides the girls into four teams of two. The team with the most points at the end of the quiz wins the challenge.

For having had the most right answers, Naomi and Sophie are chosen as the challenge winners. As their prize for winning the challenge, they are treated for a night out on a party bus with former Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model contestants.

Team Finish
Naomi & Sophie
Emma & Holly
Angel & Lauren
Saffron & Sarah

Naomi and Sophie choose Emma and Holly to accompany them. During their time out, Holly realises that she is lucky to be in the competition. She also states not wanting to make Sarah's time in the competition uncomfortable. The next morning, Holly apologises to Sarah for her behaviour. Sarah expresses that she is glad they can finally move forward again.

For the shoot, the models meet Dannii in an elegant building. She explains that the theme for the shoot is 'empowering women', and that they will have to pose with snakes.

Dannii and the photographer comment on Emma's lack of facial symmetry. Naomi talks about how determined she is not to be placed in the bottom two again. She receives encouraging comments from both the photographer and Dannii. Lauren has no problems with the snake, but is told to try to make her hands appear smaller. Sophie and Angel both receive unanimous praise. Sarah struggles with her supposed phobia of snakes, but still manages to do a great job on set. Holly struggles with finding a position she's comfortable in. Back at home, Saffron explains that she is nervous about the upcoming elimination despite feeling pleased about her performance during the shoot.

Sophie receives admiration for her photograph. Lauren, Emma, Angel, and Naomi also receive positive feedback for their pictures. Elle argues that Saffron isn't as strong as the other remaining models, and that Sarah failed to grab her attention. Holly comes under fire for her awkwardness on set.

At elimination, there is a twist; only three contestants will be in danger of elimination, as opposed to the usual four. Angel receives picture of the week for the first time during her stay in the competition, while Holly, Saffron, and Sarah land in the bottom three. The panel discusses both their pictures, and their portfolio's as a whole. After deliberation, Sarah and Holly are given one more chance. Saffron is eliminated for having failed to keep up with the other models throughout the shoots.

  • First call-out: Angel Mbonu
  • Bottom three: Holly Carpenter, Saffron Williams & Sarah Kennedy
  • Eliminated: Saffron Williams
  • Featured photographer: Alex James
  • Special guests: Hillary Alexander, Anita Kaushik, Annaliese Dayes, Catherine Thomas, Charlotte Holmes, Imogen Leaver, Jade Thompson, Letitia Herod, Chris Brown, Mark Amey (Snake Trainers)

Episode 9[edit]

Original Airdate: 8 August 2013

The models receive an Elle Mail telling them to watch their steps and that 'all eyes' will be on them the following day. The next morning, the girls meet Elle at the Garden Museum. She explains that the models will have to walk in a dining table runway show for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, and that she will be watching them at the end of the catwalk. Elle also reveals that the six girls who remain at the end of the week will be boarding a flight to Barbados for the remainder of the competition.

The models are fitted for their heels and begin to practice their walks. Angel begins to tear up when she is told she has the weakest walk out of the girls there. Afterwards the models are taken into hair and makeup. Most of the girls quickly begin to realise the importance of the show, and the impact it will have on whether or not they will receive a ticket for the trip overseas. After the show Elle congratulates the models for their outstanding performances.

For the photo shoot the contestants are taken to a ballroom. In it they meet Tyson and their client for the shoot, Carly O'Connor. The models get their beauty shots taken for Revlon's super lustrous lipstick campaign. Lauren, Emma, Naomi, and Sophie do well on set. Angel comes across as looking tired. She also receives some comments on not looking as beautiful as she could look in her photographs. Sarah is asked to relax and watch her posture. Holly receives praise from both Tyson and Carly during her shoot. After Holly has left, Tyson points out that while close-ups and beauty shots are her forte, she isn't a very strong editorial or runway model. Carly states that Holly's photos during the day were very still elegant and glamorous.

After having had a look at their pictures for the first time during the day of the elimination, some of the girls begin to worry. Meanwhile, Elle, Dannii, and Tyson discuss the pictures in the elimination room. Elle believes that Sarah's pictures aren't very inspiring, but that her walk is still good. She also believes that Naomi's days in the competition are numbered. Angel receives positive feedback from Tyson and Elle, but not from Dannii. Tyson and Dannii like Holly's picture, but Elle comments on how 'old' she looks. All three of them agree that her walk isn't impressive. Sophie is critiqued for never fully reaching the judges expectations, but is still complimented on her collective work in the competition. Emma and Lauren receive praise for looking sophisticated and elegant.

During the elimination ceremony, Lauren is awarded her fourth picture of the week. Sophie, Emma, and Angel follow suit as the girls who will be travelling to Barbados with her. Holly, Naomi, and Sarah remain in the room as the contestants in danger of being eliminated. During the individual critiques, Elle commends Sarah on the progress she has made from the first week of the competition. Naomi is told that her walk needs improvement, and that she needs to stop comparing herself with the other girls. Holly is told that she has a niche in the industry, but that it isn't enough to be Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.

After the final deliberation, Naomi is allowed to move on. Sarah is chosen as the final girl who will travel abroad, and Holly is handed her portfolio, making her the eighth contestant to leave the show.

  • First call-out: Lauren Lambert
  • Bottom three: Holly Carpenter, Naomi Pelkiewicz & Sarah Kennedy
  • Eliminated: Holly Carpenter
  • Featured photographer: Seb Winter
  • Special guests: Natalie Legg, Iggy Azalea

Episode 10[edit]

Original Airdate: 15 August 2013

The girls arrive to Barbados, where they will spend the rest of the competition. They arrive at their new home and quickly get settled in for the night. The following day, the girls are taken to a beach and are introduced to the vice-president of sales and marketing for tourism in Barbados. She explains that the models will have to surf the waves and deliver lines for a commercial that promotes the beauty of the island. After a brief lesson on surfing, the contestants take on their first challenge overseas.

None of the girls are able to stay afloat on the surfboard for long, but all of them manage to deliver their line coherently. Immediately afterward, Sophie is revealed to be the challenge winner. She is treated to a spa session at one of the nearby hotels and gets to choose Naomi to accompany her. After their therapeutic session, Naomi and Sophie receive an Elle Mail telling them to prepare to get their 'hair off the shore'.

The contestants meet Dannii and Annabel Granger, who is their client for the photo shoot and a brand manager for TRESemmé. The goal for the shoot is to create a lively and realistic hair campaign for the brand's new 24 Hour hair product. Angel becomes displeased with her styling for the shoot, as she feels that the afro she is forced to wear won't work for a hair campaign. Several of the other girls suggest that she needs to gets over her displeasure and focus on her performance for the shoot instead.

Lauren seemingly does well on set, but Dannii comments on her overconfidence. Angel struggles to relax. Once she has left, Dannii, Anabel, and the photographer comment of her inability to pose naturally. Emma finds it hard to smile because of her braces. Sophie manages to fit the brief, but is critiqued for having had more misses rather than hits during her session with the photographer. Sarah and Naomi impress the most with their performances.

After seeing their pictures for the first time the models head off to panel. For the remainder of the series the judging format goes back to the style seen in cycles past, where each girl goes up for an individual critique before the judges decide privately about who should be eliminated. The judges review the girls' adverts and their photographs from the shoot. The judges like Lauren's end result, but Elle states that Lauren is too relaxed. She explains that Lauren looks as if she 'already has it made'. Angel is criticised for trying to be someone else in her pictures. Although Emma is congratulated for having achieved the desired results, she is told that her overall film was mediocre. For the most part, Sophie and Naomi receive positive feedback.

During deliberation Sophie is critiqued by Elle and Dannii for not having the 'wow factor', while Tyson interrupts the conversation to say that Lauren does. The judges talk about Angel's over-posing, and about Emma's limitations as a model. Sarah and Naomi receive universal praise for their photos. At elimination, Sarah is awarded picture of the week. Angel and Emma remain as the bottom two, and an emotional teary-eyed Angel is eliminated from the competition.

  • First call-out: Sarah Kennedy
  • Bottom two: Angel Mbonu & Emma Ward
  • Eliminated: Angel Mbonu
  • Featured photographer: Joseph Montezinos
  • Special guests: Joanna Roterberg, Annabel Granger

Episode 11[edit]

Original Airdate: 22 August 2013

Shortly after having arrived back to their home from the prior elimination, the five remaining models find a brand new Elle Mail that tells them to prepare to follow in the footsteps of working top models for a dancing challenge. Some of the girls reckon that the challenge will have something to do with shooting a music video.

The next morning the girls head over to the beach, and upon arriving there, they meet the members of Cover Drive. Lead singer Amanda Reifer explains that the contestants will have to participate as backup dancers for their new music video All My Love that will later be uploaded onto their website. After being taught the dance routine, the models head over to the streets of Barbados to shoot the music video. Sarah impresses the other girls with her skills, while Emma and Sophie struggle with their rigidity. Emma comments on Lauren's overconfidence, explaining that she seems to think she already has the challenge in the bag. After having finished recording the video, Amanda reveals that Sarah has been chosen as the winner of the challenge due to her natural and outstanding performance. She is allowed to take Lauren with her for a swimming trip with sea turtles.

Later that night the models receive a second Elle Mail just in time for the weekly shoot. On the day of the photo shoot, the girls are taken to Harrison's Cave. Following in the footsteps of season eight winner Letitia, the contestants model pieces of Jerboa Jewellery inside of the caverns. Elle then introduces them to Victoria Barker, the creator of the brand. Naomi struggles with being overly sexy as well as relaxing her face. Despite having done well, Sophie is critiqued on her over-posing after she has left the set. Lauren and Emma both receive positive comments from Elle during their sessions, while Sarah is given mixed feedback.

As the sun sets, the models prepare for their second elimination in Barbados. Backstage, the girls have a look at their pictures from the photo shoot. With the exception of Emma, all of them appear unsure about what the judges will think of their photos. The models get to see the video they shot previously that week during panel. Naomi is then called forward for her individual critique. She is shown some of her alternative pictures from the shoot, and is criticized for never fully reaching the judges' expectations of her. Sophie is also shown some of her alternate pictures, and is told that her overall film was very poor. Lauren is complimented on knowing what to do on set without having to be told. Emma receives praise for her photograph, and is commended for maintaining a positive attitude after having been in the bottom two the previous elimination. Sarah is congratulated on her outstanding learning curve and stellar performance.

After deliberation, Emma is awarded picture of the week. Sarah and Lauren join her in safety, while Sophie and Naomi find themselves in the bottom two. Elle reveals that the portfolio she is holding in her hands belongs to Naomi, and that Sophie will be allowed to continue on in the competition.

  • First call-out: Emma Ward
  • Bottom two: Naomi Pelkiewicz & Sophie Ellson
  • Eliminated: Naomi Pelkiewicz
  • Featured photographer: Joseph Montezinos
  • Special guests: Amanda Reifer, T-Ray Armstrong, Barry 'Bar-Man' Hill, Jamar Harding (Cover Drive), Victoria Barker (Jerboa Jewellery)

Episode 12[edit]

Original Airdate: 29 August 2013

The final four models rejoice in the fact that they have made it so far in the competition. They receive an Elle Mail which alludes that they will be taking part in a styling challenge the following day. Sophie begins to cry when she makes phone-call to her mother, explaining that the judges are beginning to tear her apart during elimination and that she misses her family greatly.

The next morning the models arrive at Lime Grove, a shopping destination in Barbados. There they meet fashion guru Kingsley Throne, who tells the girls that they will be given one hour to find clothes around the stores that they will later use to style themselves in a shoot for the cover of LG Magazine. Lauren comes into trouble in one of the shoe stores, when she is unable to find heels that will fit her huge man feet.

After the hour is up, all four of the models meet Kingsley once again. He requests that each one of them explains why they have chosen the outfit that they have. Sophie chooses a monochrome dress, explaining that the look is in at the moment, and a red purse with lips to match to add a splash of color. Kinglsley greatly compliments Sophie's sense of fashion and her overall look. He proceeds to rag on Emma's choice of androgynous clothes, while she argues that she wanted to choose something unique. Sarah receives a positive critique for her choice of a summer look. Lauren explains that she chose bright colours n order to capture the spirit of the Caribbean. Immediately afterwards, the girls begin their test cover shoot for the magazine. Emma takes some time aside to cry, as she feels upset about Kingsley's hurtful comments. The girls encourage her to prove everyone wrong on set.

Sophie is chosen to begin her session first. She is followed by Emma, Sarah, and Lauren. Lauren complains that the photographer was giving her too much direction, telling him that he should have let her 'do her own thing'. After close inspection, Sarah is chosen as the winner of the cover challenge. She is given a free shopping spree at Lime Grove with Lauren as her reward. As the two are out shopping together, Emma and Sophie begin to talk about Lauren's failure to take direction. They also compare Sarah and Lauren to one another.

Later that night they receive an Elle Mail that talks about the upcoming photo shoot. The following day they are all driven St Nicholas Abbey, a sugar plantation in Barbados. There they meet Tyson Beckford, who explains the brief for the shoot is posing among the sugar canes in couture designs by Kesia Estwick.

Sarah is the first of the girls to shoot, and she receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone on set. Lauren is chosen to go next. She too, is given positive critique. Emma is commended for delivering one of her best performances in the competition. Sophie is initially told she lacks energy, but manages to impress near the end of her session. Tyson comments that deciding who will be eliminated is going to be extremely difficult.

At panel, Sarah is the first model to receive her individual evaluation. Elle and Dannii rave about her photo, while Tyson states that all her frames were usable. While the judges like Lauren's picture, they had been expecting more from her. Emma is praised for her excellence during the photo shoot, but Elle stresses that she must learn to be more commercial in addition to being editorial. Meanwhile, Sophie is given universal praise for her photograph.

During elimination, Emma becomes the first finalist by snatching the last picture of the week in the series. Sarah follows suit as the second model through to the final, leaving Lauren and Sophie in danger of elimination. Elle proceeds to tell Sophie that she is no longer in the running towards becoming Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, and Lauren becomes the third and last finalist.

  • First call-out: Emma Ward
  • Bottom two: Lauren Lambert & Sophie Ellson
  • Eliminated: Sophie Ellson
  • Featured photographer: Joseph Montezinos
  • Special guests: Kingsley Throne, Kesia Estwick

Episode 13[edit]

Original Airdate: 5 September 2013

  • Final three: Emma Ward, Lauren Lambert & Sarah Kennedy
  • Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model: Lauren Lambert
  • Featured photographer: Joseph Montezinos


Call-out order[edit]

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 Angel
Emma Lauren Naomi Sarah Lauren Lauren Angel Lauren Sarah Emma Emma Lauren
2 Naomi Sophie Laura Sophie Sophie Sophie Emma Sophie Naomi Sarah Sarah Emma
3 Lauren Sarah Emma Naomi Sarah Sarah Sophie Emma Lauren Lauren Lauren
4 Jess
Sophie Holly Lauren Holly Holly Emma Naomi Angel Sophie Sophie Sophie
5 Angel Angel Angel Lauren Angel Saffron Lauren Naomi Emma Naomi
6 Holly Emily Sarah Emily Emma Holly Sarah Sarah Angel
7 Christina
Emily Emma Emily Saffron Naomi Angel Holly Holly
8 Jess Naomi Saffron Angel Saffron Naomi Saffron
9 Abigail Jess Sophie Emma Emily Emily
10 Sarah
Laura Laura Holly Laura Laura
11 Sarah Saffron Abigail Abigail
12 Abigail
Saffron Abigail Jess
13 Danielle Danielle
14 Christina
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the groups for the first photo shoot met individually with the judges, and the semi-finalists who had failed to impress them were eliminated.
  • In episodes 2 through 7, the bottom four contestants were in danger of elimination. In episodes 8 and 9, this was reduced to the bottom three, and from episode 10 and onward, only the bottom two contestants were in danger of elimination.

Photo shoot guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: Natural beauty in groups (casting)
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Company Magazine cover tries
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Gymnasts on a pommel horse with Louis Smith
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Topless jeans dd on a beach with a male model
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Underwater beauty in gowns
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Nude editorial in B&W
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Portraying fairy tales
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Posing with snakes in an antique library
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Revlon beauty shots
  • Episode 10 photo shoot: Hair campaign for TRESemmé
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Jerboa Jewellery in a limestone cavern
  • Episode 12 photo shoots: Couture dresses in a sugar plantation
  • Episode 13 photo shoot: Posing in swimwear for St. Tropez spray tan


  • Abigail: No change (refused makeover)
  • Angel: New weave and fringes added
  • Danielle: Treated for damage
  • Emily: Cut shorter and dyed darker
  • Emma: Bleached eyebrows and hair
  • Holly: Fringes added
  • Jess: Scruffier and dyed two tones
  • Laura: Fuller hair and dyed darker
  • Lauren: Tidied up and highlights added
  • Naomi: Dyed lighter
  • Saffron: No change (refused makeover)
  • Sarah: Extensions added with a few red highlights
  • Sophie: Cut to the collarbone, dyed darker, and highlights added

Post Top Model Agencies[edit]

  • Lauren Lambert has been signed with Models 1 as part of her prize package.
  • Sarah Kennedy has been signed with Distinct Model Management in Dublin.
  • Angel Mbonu has been signed with Elite Model Management in London. She was previously signed with Models 1.
  • Holly Carpenter has been signed with Andrea Roche Agency in Dublin.
  • Saffron Williams has been signed with BOSS Models in London.
  • Jessica Patterson has been signed with Assets Model Agency in Dublin.


Episode Viewing figures from BARB[11]

Episode Date Total Viewers Sky Living Weekly Ranking
1 20 June 2013 (20:00) 309,000 5
2 20 June 2013 (21:00) 348,000 4
3 27 June 2013 430,000 3
4 4 July 2013 367,000 5
5 11 July 2013 432,000 4
6 18 July 2013 393,000 2
7 25 July 2013 471,000 2
8 1 August 2013 395,000 3
9 8 August 2013 408,000 1
10 15 August 2013 306,000 3
11 22 August 2013 317,000 3
12 29 August 2013 366,000 2
13 5 September 2013 334,000 3


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