Bromfield (Cumbria) railway station

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Bromfield railway station
Bromfield (Cumberland) Station site of 1917769 6f3975b2.jpg
The site of Bromfield station
Place Bromfield
Area Allerdale
Coordinates 54°48′25″N 3°17′24″W / 54.807°N 3.290°W / 54.807; -3.290Coordinates: 54°48′25″N 3°17′24″W / 54.807°N 3.290°W / 54.807; -3.290
Grid reference NY172465
Original company Solway Junction Railway
Pre-grouping Caledonian Railway
Platforms 1
1 March 1873[1] Opened
1 September 1921[2] Station closed to all traffic
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Bromfield was a railway station which served Bromfield, a small settlement in Cumbria on the English side of the Solway Firth. The station opened in 1873 by the Caledonian Railway on a line constructed from the Caledonian Railway Main Line at Kirtlebridge across the Glasgow South Western Line, then forming the Solway Junction Railway over the Solway Viaduct to Brayton. The line opened in 1869 and freight had run from since 13 September 1869.


Bromfield station was opened by the Solway Junction Railway, then part of the Caledonian Railway. At first the station was a request stop, however on 1 January 1873 a crossing keeper was appointed and the level crossing signalled.[3] At the south end of the station was a siding leading to the goods yard, worked by a frame which was controlled by the train tablet for the section Abbey Junction and Brayton.[4] The station siding was provided for Fielding & Company and was 1¾ from Brayton Junction. The station today is a private house.[5]

The passenger service was never well patronised. In 1910 only three trains in each direction served the station, with an Brayton to Abbey Junction working once a week.[6] It was further reduced to being just one carriage at the front of an occasional goods train and in September 1917 this was suspended,[7] but was reinstated in 1920.[8] Passenger services were finally withdrawn in 1921 and the line south of Annan over the Solway Viaduct was closed completely.

The station had one platform with two simple station buildings, one stone and the other constructed of wood.[9] The closure of the station was directly linked to the closure of the Solway viaduct.

The line remained open to through traffic until 14 February 1933; the track was lifted in 1937.[10]


Until October 1895 the station name was shown as Broomfield in timetables.[3] The track was removed from Bromfield in 1937.[11]


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