Bronwyn Davies

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Bronwyn Davies
Bronwyn Davies 2.jpg
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Rachel Friend
Duration 1988–1990
First appearance 7 July 1988
Last appearance 22 February 1990
Introduced by Don Battye
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Nanny
Home New Zealand

Bronwyn Ramsay (née Davies) is a fictional character from the Australian Network Ten soap opera Neighbours, played by Rachel Friend. She made her first on-screen appearance on 7 July 1988. Bronwyn is the sister of Sharon Davies. Bronwyn fell in love with Henry Ramsay and when he left for New Zealand, she followed him not long after. Bronwyn departed on 22 February 1990.


Following Kylie Minogue's (Charlene Robinson) departure, the Neighbours producers were about to begin a nationwide search for a new female actress to join the show, when they discovered Friend.[1] Friend chose to postpone her university degree to join Neighbours as country girl, Bronwyn Davies.[1] Her casting was announced in June 1988 and Friend told The Sun-Herald, "I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all but I think I'm going to like working on Neighbours."[1]

In 1990, Friend decided to quit the serial and acting.[2][3]


Bronwyn was born in Narrabri, New South Wales, to Gordon (Tim Robertson) and Katherine Davies. Katherine died when Bronwyn was fourteen and her aunt Edith Chubb (Irene Inescort) helped raise her and her sister, Sharon (Jessica Muschamp). Bronwyn moves to Erinsborough to begin a course in childcare. One day she finds toddler Jamie Clarke (S.J. Dey) alone at a supermarket and she criticises his father Des (Paul Keane) for being careless. Bronwyn attends an interview for a position as a nanny and is shocked when the interviewer turns out to be Des. In spite of this, Des and Bronwyn put their differences aside and he invites her to move in. Bronwyn begins dating Mike Young (Guy Pearce), but their relationship crumbles after she feels out of place with Mike's university friends Jackie Vidor (Shona Ford) and Brad Fuller (Scott Snibson). Bronwyn moves in with Nell Mangel (Vivean Gray) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones) and is later joined by Sharon.

Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan) takes an interest in Bronwyn and she falls for him too. Bronwyn invites him over for dinner, which he accepts. However, when Henry reveals that he has invited Jane and Joe Mangel (Mark Little) too, Bronwyn shoves Henry causing him to fall down some steps, knocking him unconscious. Bronwyn panics and professes her love for Henry, which he hears when he wakes up. After Edith arrives in Erinsborough to keep an eye on her nieces, Henry and Bronwyn begin looking for their own place. Henry's mother, Madge (Anne Charleston), agrees to let the couple stay with her and husband Harold (Ian Smith). Mike offers to tutor Bronwyn for her exams, while Henry is away helping his sister repair her house. Mike makes a move on Bronwyn and they share a kiss. Harold sees them and tells Madge, who confronts Bronwyn. When Henry returns from Brisbane, he finds out and they split up, but decide to remain friends.

Bronwyn starts receiving poison pen letters and Henry agrees to help catch the culprit. After Henry fails and is caught with the evidence, Bronwyn is convinced it is him. It later emerges that Bronwyn's ex-boyfriend from Narrabri is responsible. Bronwyn and Henry get back together and become engaged. On the day of the wedding, Gordon arrives and tries to talk Bronwyn out of marrying Henry and he is successful to a degree. Bronwyn tells Henry she will marry him, just not on that day. After Henry takes a job as a DJ in New Zealand, Bronwyn misses him and when she is heard talking to "Henry", Madge and Harold worry for her sanity, but they discover Henry is a Possum she found. Bronwyn takes a job as a veterinarian in New Zealand and she joins Henry. The couple later marry.


For her portrayal of Bronwyn, Friend won "Most Popular Actress" at the 1990 Logie Awards.[4] During a feature on past Neighbours characters, telecommunications network Orange, described Bronwyn's most memorable moment as: "Accidentally pushing good pal Henry Ramsay (played by Craig McLachlan) down some steps. Believing the mulleted larrikin was unconscious, Bronwyn rushed to his side and professed her undying love for him – whereupon Henry opened his eyes and admitted he felt the same. Aaah!"[2] Ruth Deller, of entertainment website Lowculture, said Bronwyn was "sweet."[5] The BBC said Bronwyn's most notable moment was "Meeting Henry Ramsay."[6]


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