Kirsten Gannon

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Kirsten Gannon
Kirsten Gannon.JPG
Nikola Dubois as Kirsten Gannon (2008)
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Nikola Dubois
Duration 2007–08
First appearance 19 June 2007
Last appearance 31 July 2008
Introduced by Ric Pellizzeri
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Hairdresser
Lassiter's receptionist
Home Perth

Kirsten Gannon is a fictional character from the Australian Network Ten soap opera Neighbours, played by Nikola Dubois She first appeared on-screen on 19 June 2007. Although Dubois was not contracted as a regular cast member, Kirsten appeared constantly for more than a year. In the short time Kirsten was featured, she was central to many key storylines including blackmail, an affair, burns and abandoning her young child. She left the show on 31 July 2008.


While the casting process was under way actress Nikola Dubois auditioned, she subsequently went on to play the part.[1] During her audition Dubois revealed that she found the audition easy stating: "It was a strange audition because I remember reading the scene and I just understood where this poor woman was coming from. And I didn't need to learn the lines either... I just knew them."[1] Dubois was originally only contracted for three works of filming as the character was only intended to guest in the series.[1] Producers later saw potential in keeping the character, of this Dubois has said: "I was really only ever meant to be on the show for three weeks, but the writers liked the way I took the character and so they invited me back for another month. It just kept happening like that, an extra few months here and there, and before I knew it, I'd been on the show for over a year!"[1] Of her casting she said: " I was quite shocked that I got the role – and very excited. I was even more shocked when my agent called to tell me they wanted me to come back and then have an affair with Paul Robinson!"[1]

Personality and identity[edit]

Kirsten was portrayed as a scheming, at times desperate character who tried her best to achieve high, but often failed due to her bad choices. Of this Dubois stated during an interview about her character: "Kirsten was really fun to play. It's always fun playing the trouble maker. I think Kirsten was really misunderstood on Ramsay Street – she never found a place where she belonged... and she so desperately wanted to fit in."[1] Also adding: "Mickey was her number one priority. She did everything that she did because she wanted to be something Mickey could be proud of. I think she made a lot of mistakes – but desperation sometimes makes you do things without thinking first."[1] She has also described Kirsten as desperate at time, due to her troubled past, but brave.[1]

Describing a storyline in which Kirsten exposes Janae Timmins (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) and Darren Stark's (Todd MacDonald) kiss, Dan Bennet speaking for Network Ten states: "Very early on, the kiss will be exposed. Kirsten saw it all &, being the vindictive ex that she is, she'll make Janae's life hell. The relationship between Janae & Ned is very much tested after her kiss."[2]


Kirsten had a relationship with Ned Parker (Daniel O'Connor) when they were both teenagers. Kristen's parents died just before she gave birth to Mickey (Fletcher O'Leary) and she moved in with her grandparents. Kirsten's grandparents die shortly before she comes to Ramsay Street. Kirsten tells Ned he is Mickey's father and she leaves her son with him. Kirsten returns a few weeks later and reveals she is unable to look after Mickey anymore and she departs alone. Kirsten realises she wants Mickey back. She finds him in a park and tries to convince him to go with her by telling him Ned would not care about him if he went. When Ned discovers Kirsten attempts to unfairly woo Mickey, he launches a bid for custody. Mickey chooses to stay with Ned, but Kirsten decides to take him with her. After days of searching, Ned and his partner Janae find Kirsten and Mickey. Kirsten decides to let Mickey stay with his father. Kirsten catches Janae kissing Darren Stark and she threatens to tell Ned. After the truth comes out, Janae leaves Ramsay Street.

Kirsten gets a job at Lassiter's Hotel and she begins an affair with her boss, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis). Kirsten breaks off the affair when she learns Paul is still with Rebecca Napier (Jane Hall). However, they get back together when Paul tells Kirsten he will give up Rebecca for her. Elle Robinson (Pippa Black) discovers the affair and tells Kirsten to leave Ramasy Street. Elle chooses not to tell Rebecca as she does not want to break up the family. Kirsten meets Paul in Paris, while she is on holiday with Mickey. When Kirsten returns she goes straight to Number 22 intending to tell Rebecca she has ended the relationship with Paul. Elle tells her to keep quiet and threatens to fire her from Lassiter's. Rebecca learns of Paul affair and her friends ostracise Kirsten. Kirsten joins a group helping to clear areas of the bush. A fire breaks out and she is badly injured. Ned rescues her and she is rushed to hospital. Paul visits Kirsten and tells her he left her for dead in the fire, Kirsten forgives him. Paul offers to pay for Kirsten's hospital treatment and she, Ned and Mickey move to Perth so she could receive better treatment.


Dubois for her portrayal of Kirsten, was nominated in the "Best Bitch" category at the "2008 Inside Soap Awards".[3]


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