Brother's Keeper (software)

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Brother's Keeper
Developer(s) John Steed
Initial release 1988; 30 years ago (1988)[1][2]
Stable release
7.3.1 / April 25, 2018; 54 days ago (2018-04-25)[3]
Operating system Windows
Available in 20 languages[4]
Type Genealogy software
License Shareware

Brother's Keeper is a genealogy software program for Windows.

The program functions as a database, a research planner and task organizer, a data analyzer, a chart producer, and a report writer. The software enables export and import in the GEDCOM specification for exchanging genealogical data.[5]

Brother's Keeper used Btrieve as the underlying database engine before version 7.[6]

Brother's Keeper has an email list for user support.[7]


Brother's Keeper is available in the following languages: English, Norwegian, French (Canadian), French (Belgium), German, Danish, Icelandic and Czech, Dutch, Dutch (Belgium), Estonian, Slovenian, Slovak, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Afrikaans.


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