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Born Bryan Grey Yambao
Manila, Philippines
Occupation Fashion blogger

Bryan Grey Yambao, also known as Bryanboy, is a Filipino fashion blogger, socialite and businessman. A former web developer, he started blogging at age 24 from his parents' Manila home.[1]

His eponymous blog won the 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.[2] The New York Post named him one of the nine hottest internet celebrities,[3] and has called him "one of Fashion 2.0’s biggest superstars" and a "phenom in the fashion blogosphere".[4] His blog, called "hysterically camp" by the Sydney Morning Herald,[5] is known for its "witty and often bitchy commentary."[6] He was featured as the social media correspondent on the panel of Cycle 19 & 20 of America's Next Top Model.[7]

Bryanboy fans often send in photos of themselves in his signature pose—standing with hips thrust to one side and a handbag in an outstretched arm—or with handwritten signs declaring "I <3 Bryanboy"; celebrity participants have included Marc Jacobs, Tanya Dziahileva, Alexandra Agoston, and Rachel Clark.[4] Though no brand spokesman commented on the matter, it was reported that Bryanboy's trademark pose was referenced in two 2006 Fendi advertisements.[3][4][8] Marc Jacobs named a handbag after him (the BB ostrich bag) after Bryanboy posted about it in his blog.[9][10]


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