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"Bunk Off"
The Inbetweeners episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2
Directed by Gordon Anderson
Written by Damon Beesley & Iain Morris
Produced by Christopher Young
Production code 1:2 (2)
Original air date 1 May 2008
Running time 22 minutes[1]
Guest appearance(s)

Martin Trenaman as Alan Cooper
Robin Weaver as Pamela Cooper

Episode chronology
← Previous
"First Day"
Next →
"Thorpe Park"
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"Bunk Off" is the second episode of the first series of The Inbetweeners. It first aired on 1 May 2008 on E4, along with the first episode. When first broadcast, viewing figures slumped down to 321,000.[2] This episode follows the boys as they bunk off school for a day.


The episode starts with all four of the boys congregating in a local park where they reluctantly participate in a game of frisbee on the insistence of Will, who says that their ulterior motive for spending time in the park is to become acquainted with girls. Will attempts to throw his frisbee to Carli and her friends. It instead hits a young disabled woman in the face, for which her friend angrily admonishes him using Polish language and he strenuously apologises. Following this, a brief chase ensues in which Mark Donovan (the school's bully and Will's rival) and several of his friends pursue Will and Simon (Jay and Neil had run off moments before). The boys later decide to play truant from school the next day. The following morning, Will goes to Simon's house, where Simon phones the school and poorly impersonates his mother to inform the school that he and Will will not be attending due to being ill. However, the call is put through to Mr Gilbert, their head of sixth form, who informs Simon that he has seen through the impersonation. Regardless, Will and Simon meet up with Jay and Neil and Will manages to buy alcohol from an off-licence (despite being underage) whilst wearing a suit belonging to Simon's father, taken without the father's permission.

The boys head back to Neil's house and begin drinking. Neil's father Kevin returns with a friend, and a drunken Will insults him about his alleged homosexuality by inventing the term "bumder" (a "cross between a bummer and a bender") - claiming in his narration to have regretted stating such comments in retrospect.[3] Kevin is understandably furious and throws out Will, Simon and Jay.

Simon then becomes desperate to admit to his childhood friend Carli D'Amato of his romantic attraction towards her, and says to his friends that he loves her. Will, Jay and Simon walk to Carli's house and, after some encouragement from Will and Jay to tell her how he feels about her, Simon sprays "I love Carly D'Amato" on her driveway in yellow spray paint, only to be embarrassed when Carli and her friends turn up. However, when Carli sees Simon's friends laughing at him for his gesture, she invites him to visit later that evening, when her parents will be out. Simon has Will accompanying him to babysit her seven year-old brother, Chris. Simon and Carli have a conversation in her kitchen, where Simon drunkenly requests Carli finger herself in front of him, before vomiting in her kitchen and over Chris, after Will had scared Chris by drunkenly describing acts of terrorism to him, before Will and Simon are thrown out by Carli.

The duo head back to Will's house, where they are confronted by Simon's parents, Will's mother and Neil's father, regarding several of the dubious acts they had performed that day. Simon claims that Neil's father touched them inappropriately, before Will's attempts to explain their actions by claiming to be alcoholics causes the adults to break out in uncontrollable laughter.

The following day, the boys reunite at school, with Simon and Will informing Jay and Neil of the events they were not present to witness, which the two draw amusement from. The four are confronted by Mr Gilbert, who is indifferent towards Neil and Jay's truancy (sixth formers did not at that time legally have to attend school), but he is angered by Simon's fraudulent attempts to impersonate his mother over the phone, for which he is aware Will was complicit. As Will's closing narration about his regrets of what he did that day and highlights certain events of the episode is displayed, the episode ends with Will and Simon sitting outside the headmaster's office.



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