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Burt Gummer
Burt Gummer.jpg
Michael Gross as Burt Gummer in Tremors 2: Aftershocks.
First appearanceTremors (1990)
Last appearanceTremors: Island Fury (TBA)
Portrayed byMichael Gross
OccupationSurvivalist, weapons expert
FamilyHiram Gummer (ancestor)
Heather Gummer (wife)
ChildrenTravis B. Welker (son)

Burt Gummer is a fictional character, played by actor Michael Gross, from the Tremors film series and the short lived SciFi Channel TV program of the same name. Appearing in Tremors, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, Tremors 5: Bloodlines,Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, Tremors: Island Fury, and most episodes of the TV series, Breakout character Burt Gummer is a firearms enthusiast and a paranoid survivalist (described as an "anti-social paramilitary paranoid" in the TV series, and as a doomsday prepper in Bloodlines); he is 'gun crazy' rivalling fellow fictional character, Police Academy's Eugene Tackleberry. He and his former wife, Heather Gummer (played by Reba McEntire), were the first persons in the film series to directly kill a Graboid. He has an "overkill" approach to trouble and takes himself deadly seriously. Although he is the central character only in Tremors 3 and the TV series, his eccentric personality has made him a favorite among Tremors fans and the de facto star of the franchise, along with the vicious Graboids who oppose him. His ancestor, Hiram Gummer (also played by Gross), appears in Tremors 4: The Legend Begins. In Tremors 5 he finds out he has a son, Travis B. Welker, who is the son of the girlfriend he had before he married Heather.

According to co-franchise creator, Brent Maddock, while writing the script, he had originally imagined Burt & Heather Gummer being played by Chuck Norris and Linda Hamilton.


In an interview, when asked, "Did you ever think that Burt would become part of a franchise?" Gross replied, "I knew it was an intriguing character." The actor goes on to assert, "Well, I love Burt. You know, there's a little scene in the third movie that is quintessential Burt. Burt is so fear-driven that he's a paranoid, ultimately, but a comic paranoid. And there's a scene in which he goes up to his house to punch in his keycode on his pad. But before he does, he takes a good look around and stands in front of the pad - there's nobody there for miles! - but he blocks the keypad with his body. Because Burt would rightly assume that there's somebody in the hills with a high-powered telescope who wants his keypad information, wants the code. Now that's the level of paranoia. Does it get funny? Yeah, because it's just so over the top. I love that. I love that about him. It's inherent in the fact that he has no sense of humor. It's because he doesn't consider life funny that we find him funny and his extremes which are so marvelous in human behavior....And one of the great things I love about Burt and what the writers do with him is he will prepare himself in certain ways and then we find out that, once again, he's not prepared because the animals have mutated in such a way that they've found a way to get around his best defenses. He couldn't possibly plan for every contingency and he thinks he has."[1]


Although very little is known about Burt's past, he is known not to have been heavily involved in the military,[2] but does possess extensive knowledge of military history, tactics, and protocol. Burt has also had an affection for guns since middle school, evidenced by his telling Desert Jack that "I converted my BB gun to full auto by the eighth-grade." While he is very fond of his firearms, he is also strict about personal safety and care in the handling of firearms.

Burt settled in the town of Perfection with his wife, Heather (Reba McEntire), sometime before Tremors, a site they chose tactically due to its geographic isolation. But the prequel Tremors 4 reveals that Burt's ancestor Hiram Gummer (also played by Gross) inherited a silver mine in the town when it was originally named "Rejection" and married the local town-mistress. Stampede Entertainment's official website states that Hiram and his wife left in 1902 for San Francisco after a disagreement with Nevada bureaucrats over the date of the town's founding, and never returned (which may hint at the origins of Burt's anti-government sentiments). It may also simply be that Burt inherited the land, and given the choice, Burt and Heather located themselves in Perfection for the "geographic isolation".

Whether there is any direct connection between these events and Burt's choice to move to Perfection is unknown, but prior to the events of Tremors 3, Burt did possess an inheritance of silver bars from Hiram's ownership of the mine (as referenced in Tremors: The Series). This massive inheritance also explains Burt's extensive weaponry and supplies, though some of the weapons may have been inherited as well, as Hiram developed a fondness for firearms over the course of Tremors 4.

In the first film, Burt was shown to be paranoid about surviving "World War III", which he is certain is coming, and his main cause as a survivalist. He had spent all of his years preparing for the possibility, building a stock of several years' worth of food and provisions in his home's underground bomb shelter. After the Graboid attacks in the original film, sinking into a deep depression following the collapse of Soviet Russia in Tremors 2 (leading Heather to leaving him ("'You know, she actually... blames our... problems on the collapse of the Soviet Union? … 'Said I was hard to live with. 'Said I couldn't handle life without the threat of nuclear war. Now, what kind of thing is that to say to a man?")), Burt transferred his paranoia over the Soviet Union over towards Graboids to the point he has massive underground concrete wall built around his compound. This actually saved his life as in Tremors 3 (Desert Jack killed a Graboid that had swallowed Burt by tricking it into ramming into the wall, allowing him to rescue Burt). These obsessions, and possibly fear of the Graboids, eventually cause his wife to divorce him sometime shortly before Tremors 2 ("'Heather's not comin' back. … She called me and told me to send her the HK91").

His regard to the final surviving albino Graboid from the end of Tremors 3 and the subsequent TV-series, "El Blanco", who is protected by his endangered species status (and inability to spawn the far more dangerous Shriekers and Ass-Blasters, making him the only stable Graboid specimen ever found), is as something of a nemesis (their relationship was once compared to be somewhat like Captain Ahab and Moby-Dick), as Burt must balance his survival tactics with efforts to intentionally avoid harming the Graboid. Despite his animosity towards El Blanco, Burt has saved the Graboid's life on a few occasions, in the series premiere even begging the driven-insane Graboid not to make him kill it, before destroying the machine that was driving it nuts. El Blanco also, if inadvertently, saved his life from an Ass-Blaster when Desert Jack tricked it into eating the creature as it was about to kill Burt.

Burt has had many firsts and unique experiences with Graboids, having been the first to directly kill one via weaponry (the first was killed when it accidentally collided with a concrete wall at high speed), as well as being the only person to ever survive being eaten by a Graboid, having been eaten while inside a barrel; the Graboid was subsequently killed and cut open by desert Jack, allowing Burt to escape and survive. Burt has also probably killed more Graboids and their offspring than any other person, having taken out one in the first film, many of them with explosives in Tremors 2, having defeated an entire group of shriekers by himself during Tremors 2, another group of Shriekers at the start of Tremors 3, a number of the Ass-Blasters in Tremors 3, and a number of Shriekers in Tremors: The Series. Recognized for his skill and expertise in the matter, W.D. Twitchell of the Department of the Interior often enlists Burt to deal with Graboid hatchlings in various populated area as of the United States when they occur.

It was revealed in Tremors 5, that Burt may have been a fan of Grateful Dead, as he attended one of their concerts. Around this time, he came to know a woman by the name of Jasmine Welker, to whom he lost his virginity, and with whom he had a child (Travis Welker)--sometime before marrying Heather—though he did not know of this child until many years later. It is also apparent that Burt's father had an affection for firearms, as Burt sold some of his father's gun collection at a gun show in the 1970s.

In Tremors 5, Burt does survival videos and has made his own brand of products. He ends up with, unknown to him, his son Travis Welker as his cameraman with Travis promising him to help expand his brand. After Ass Blasters are seen in Africa, Burt and Travis are recruited to hunt them down by what turns out to be a poacher. After working together to take out a more evolved breed of Graboids and Ass Blasters, Burt accepts Travis as his son and the two run their own reality show where they hunt monsters together.

In Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell, an ailing Burt appears to be the only resident left in the apparently abandoned and demolished Perfection. Burt resides in and runs Chang's Market which appears to be all that's left of the town. Though Burt claims to be managing the property for Jodi who now works at a law firm, Travis claims Burt is squatting. Burt faces tax liens from the IRS and eviction from the property.

After a call from Val and Rhonda's daughter, Burt and Travis travel to the Arctic to battle a Graboid infestation there. Burt becomes suspicious of a DARPA crew operating in the area, suspecting they want the Graboids as bio-weapons. With Burt's condition worsening, he is diagnosed as being infected with an extremely deadly, hostile parasite that comes from within a Graboid. Due to the parasite's long gestational period, Burt realizes that he was infected when he was swallowed by the Graboid in Tremors 3. With Burt's condition rapidly deteriorating, the only cure is to capture a Graboid alive and retrieve antibodies. Burt manages to help kill most of the Graboids before collapsing while Travis and the scientists come together to capture the last Graboid alive. Burt is cured of his condition and the DARPA agents grant Burt immunity from tax liens and the deed to his property, excited to turn the captured Graboid into a bio-weapon. Burt ultimately flies a bomb-laden RC plane into the Graboid and kills it to prevent DARPA from getting their hands on it.


Burt was a popular character after the first Tremors movie, garnering enough popularity to be one of the only two original cast-characters to make a return in the second movie, and the only character to make an appearance in every Tremors movie, as well as the TV-series, and one of two characters to retain the same actor throughout all appearances (the other being Melvin Plugg, played by Bobby Jacoby). Although Burt himself did not appear in Tremors 4, his grandfather Hiram did, a character with a similar but initially toned-down personality that plays off of Burt's nature, and thus is often regarded among fans as if it were another appearance of Burt.

Many fans enjoy the character's over-the-top paranoia of the government, and his seriousness virtually always being used as humor in context of the plot. Some fans also take note that the character is seen wearing assorted Atlanta Hawks baseball caps in almost every appearance. His consistent behavior and portrayal throughout the series is regarded as one of the greatest strengths of the entire series.

Additionally, while Burt's role in the first film was as a side character and his role in the second was still secondary, many find him to be the star of the franchise thanks in part to his "mucho gusto" appearance in Tremors 2, escalating the situation greatly upon his arrival in the film, and his subsequent starring roles in later appearances were received very well by most fans of the franchise.


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