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Cbc radio one thunder-bay.svg
City Thunder Bay, Ontario
Broadcast area Northwestern Ontario
Branding CBC Radio One
Frequency 88.3 MHz (FM)
First air date 1973
Format public broadcasting
ERP 23,730 watts
HAAT 194.7 meters (639 ft)
Class B
Callsign meaning Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Quetico Thunder Bay
Former callsigns CBQ (1973-1990)
Former frequencies 800 kHz (AM) (1973-1990)
Owner Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Website CBC Thunder Bay

CBQT-FM is a Canadian radio station. It is the CBC Radio One station in Thunder Bay, Ontario, broadcasting at 88.3 FM, and serves all of Northwestern Ontario through a network of relay transmitters.


The station was launched in 1973 on the AM band as CBQ 800. The 800 frequency had been vacated earlier that year by the defunct CJLX.[1] CBQ Radio's inaugural morning broadcast in December 1973 made it the second city in Ontario to get a regional broadcast centre. The call sign CBQ was a last minute choice by station managers since CBL (for Lakehead) or CBT (for Thunder Bay) were taken by the CBC stations in Toronto and Grand Falls, respectively. Instead the letter Q was chosen for Quetico Provincial Park near Atikokan, which is west of Thunder Bay.

Prior to CBQ's launch, CBC Radio programming aired on private affiliate CFPA 1230.

CBQ moved to the FM band as CBQT-FM in 1990.[2] The CBQ-FM call sign was already in use by the CBC Stereo sister station on 101.7 FM. Some of the relay transmitters for CBQT previously rebroadcast CBL in Toronto.

CBC Radio One's Thunder Bay studio

Local programming[edit]

The station's local program is Superior Morning, hosted by Lisa Laco. The station formerly also produced Voyage North, hosted by Gerald Graham in the afternoon,[3] although that program was replaced in August 2014 by Up North, hosted by Jason Turnbull from the studios of CBCS-FM in Sudbury.[4] The move faced some protest in the city, with Thunder Bay City Council passing a unanimous resolution requesting that the federal government rescind its 2012 funding cuts to the CBC.[3]

CBQT's rebroadcast transmitters in the Central time zone also simulcast the 5 p.m. hour of local programming from CBW (Winnipeg) so that the network's World at Six airs at 6 p.m. local time.

The CBC Radio studio in Thunder Bay also produces the hourly weekend weather reports for all of Ontario after the hourly news break.


Rebroadcasters of CBQT-FM
City of license Identifier Frequency Power Class RECNet CRTC Decision
Armstrong CBQT-FM-2 91.3 FM 50 watts LP Query
Atikokan CBQI-FM 90.1 FM 2,900 watts A Query
Beardmore CBLE 1240 AM 40 watts LP Query
Big Trout Lake CFTL-FM 100.3 FM 63 watts A1 Query
Dryden CBQH-FM 100.9 FM 100,000 watts C Query
Ear Falls CBOI 690 AM 40 watts LP Query
Fort Frances CBQQ-FM 90.5 FM 50,000 watts B Query
Fort Hope CBCF-FM 101.5 FM 41 watts A1 Query 89-764
Geraldton CBLG-FM 89.1 FM 11,900 watts B Query 86-1136
Hornepayne CBQT-FM-1 92.3 FM 50 watts LP Query
Ignace CBES 690 AM 40 watts LP Query
Kenora CBQX-FM 98.7 FM 38,000 watts B Query
Manitouwadge CBEB-FM 89.7 FM 46,400 watts B Query 87-735
Marathon CBLM 1090 AM* 40 watts LP Query
Mishkeegogamang CBQN-FM 104.5 FM 81 watts A1 Query
Nakina NEW* 98.1 FM 50 watts LP Query 2015-343
Nipigon CBQY-FM 98.9 FM 2,000 watts B Query
Pickle Lake CBQP-FM 105.1 FM 83 watts A1 Query
Pikangikum CBQU-FM 100.3 FM 34 watts A1 Query
Red Lake CBEA-FM 90.5 FM 82 watts A1 Query
Sandy Lake CBQV-FM 101.1 FM 37 watts A1 Query
Savant Lake CBQL-FM 104.9 FM 78 watts A1 Query
Schreiber CBLB 1340 AM 40 watts LP Query
Sioux Lookout CBLS-FM 95.3 FM 500 watts A Query
Sioux Narrows CBQS-FM 95.7 FM 1,300 watts A Query
Terrace Bay CBEH 1010 AM* 40 watts LP Query
White River CBLW 1010 AM*
97.7 FM
50 watts
LP Query 2017-74

CFTL-FM, a radio station in Big Trout Lake owned by the Ayamowin Communications Society, rebroadcasts CBQT-FM part-time, with additional programming originating from CKWT-FM Sioux Lookout. It is currently unknown if this station is still broadcasting.

AM to FM[edit]

Some of CBQT-FM's repeaters currently operate on the AM dial. Future plans are possible to convert the remaining repeaters to the FM dial.[5]

On December 21, 2012, the CBC filed an application to the CRTC to convert the following AM transmitters to the FM dial:

  • Armstrong 1450 CBOL to 91.3 with 50 watts [6]
  • Hornepayne 1010 CBLH to 92.3 with 50 watts [7]

The CRTC approved the applications for both transmitters on May 8, 2013.[8][9]

On January 21, 2013, the CBC filed an application to the CRTC to convert Sioux Lookout transmitter CBLS 1240 AM to 95.3 FM with 500 watts (average & maximum ERP). Antenna height will be 182 metres (EHAAT) and the radiation pattern will be non-directional. As well this new FM transmitter will serve the nearby town of Hudson, Ontario and Hudson's CBQW 1340 AM transmitter will be deleted as well.[10][11] The conversion was approved by the CRTC on April 17, 2013.[12]

On May 14, 2015, the CBC applied to convert CBLN Nakina from 1240 kHz (AM) to the FM band at 98.1 MHz with 50 watts, antenna height 9.1 metres (EHAAT) with a non-directional antenna pattern. [13] The CRTC approved the CBC's application on July 28, 2015. [14]

On December 22, 2016, the CBC applied to convert CBLW White River from the AM band (1010 kHz) to the FM band (97.7 MHz) with the proposed callsign CBLW-FM. [15] The CRTC approved the CBC's application to move CBLW from the AM band to the FM band on March 16, 2017. [16]

On March 2, 2017, the CBC applied to convert CBLM Marathon from the AM band (1090 kHz) to the FM band (107.5 MHz) with the proposed callsign CBLM-FM. CBEH (1010 kHz) Terrace Bay may also be shutdown. [17]


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Coordinates: 48°33′02″N 89°13′25″W / 48.55056°N 89.22361°W / 48.55056; -89.22361