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Cbc radio one inuvik.svg
City Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Broadcast area North Coast
Branding CBC Radio One
Frequency 860 kHz (AM)
First air date 1936
Format public broadcasting
Power 10,000 watts (day)
2,500 watts (night)
Class B
Transmitter coordinates 54°17′7″N 130°22′34″W / 54.28528°N 130.37611°W / 54.28528; -130.37611 (CFPR 860 Prince Rupert)
Callsign meaning C F Prince Rupert
Owner Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Website CBC British Columbia

CFPR is a Canadian radio station, airing at 860 AM in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. It is part of the CBC Radio One network.


CFPR first aired in 1936 on AM 580, as a private CBC Radio affiliate owned by Northwest Broadcast & Service Co. It moved to AM 1240 in 1941 (see Canadian allocations changes under NARBA), and became a Trans-Canada Network affiliate in 1944. The station was directly acquired by the CBC in 1953 shortly after going out of business as a private station. In 1963, the CBC was granted approval to move the station to its current frequency, which it did by 1967. In 1988, the CBC applied to convert the station to a straight rebroadcaster of CBYG-FM in Prince George. The application was denied by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).[1] However, CFPR airs the same programming as CBYG-FM at all times, as they share production of their local programming.[2]

Local programming[edit]

CFPR and CBYG-FM jointly produce the local morning program Daybreak North, with one host in each location — Carolina de Ryk works from the studio in Prince Rupert and Robert Doane works from the studio in Prince George. Both stations air CBTK-FM's Radio West in the afternoons.


Rebroadcasters of CFPR
City of license Identifier Frequency Power Class RECNet CRTC Decision Notes
Aiyansh CBYA-FM 102.3 FM 278 watts A Query 55°12′29″N 129°3′13″W / 55.20806°N 129.05361°W / 55.20806; -129.05361 (CBYA-FM 102.3 FM Aiyansh)
Kispiox CBTD-FM 91.3 FM 252 watts A Query 2012-159 55°20′42″N 127°41′24″W / 55.34500°N 127.69000°W / 55.34500; -127.69000 (CBTD 990 Kispiox)
Kitimat CBUK-FM 101.1 FM 102 watts A1 Query 54°3′12″N 128°38′8″W / 54.05333°N 128.63556°W / 54.05333; -128.63556 (CBUK-FM 101.1 Kitimat)
Kitwanga CBTZ-FM 94.3 FM 186 watts A1 Query 96-153 55°6′17″N 127°58′33″W / 55.10472°N 127.97583°W / 55.10472; -127.97583 (CBTZ-FM 94.3 Kitwanga)
Masset CBTM-FM 103.9 FM 85 watts A1 Query 54°0′11″N 132°7′11″W / 54.00306°N 132.11972°W / 54.00306; -132.11972 (CBTM-FM 103.9 Masset)
New Hazelton CBRH 1170 AM 40 watts LP Query 55°15′2″N 127°34′38″W / 55.25056°N 127.57722°W / 55.25056; -127.57722 (CBRH 1170 New Hazelton)
Port Clements CBYB-FM 102.9 FM 90 watts A1 Query 53°41′1″N 132°11′8″W / 53.68361°N 132.18556°W / 53.68361; -132.18556 (CBYB-FM 102.9 Port Clements)
Queen Charlotte CBYQ-FM 104.9 FM 4750 watts B Query 53°14′11″N 131°55′3″W / 53.23639°N 131.91750°W / 53.23639; -131.91750 (CBYQ-FM 104.9 Queen Charlotte)
Stewart CBKA 1450 AM 40 watts LP Query 55°56′34″N 129°59′36″W / 55.94278°N 129.99333°W / 55.94278; -129.99333 (CBKA 1450 Stewart)
Terrace CBTH-FM 95.3 FM 225 watts B Query 54°31′4″N 128°28′21″W / 54.51778°N 128.47250°W / 54.51778; -128.47250 (CBTH-FM 95.3 Terrace)

On November 29, 2011, the CBC applied to the CRTC to convert CBTD Kispiox from the AM band (at 990 kHz) to the FM band. This application was approved on March 19, 2012.[3]

The CBC also previously operated CBKL, a low-power rebroadcaster in Alice Arm; this rebroadcaster would be deleted at the CBC's request by the CRTC on October 25, 2013.[4]


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