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Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
Founded 1976[1]
Headquarters Hyannis, Massachusetts[2][3]
Service area Barnstable County, Massachusetts
Service type public transit
Hubs Hyannis Transportation Center,[4]
Orleans Stop and Shop
Daily ridership 550,000 (annual; 2010)[5]
Operator MV Transportation[6]
Administrator Thomas S. Cahir[3][7]

Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) operates a bus transit system of fixed and flexible routes, seasonal rail service to Boston, and a paratransit service in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts. The CCRTA was created under the provisions of Chapter 161B of the Massachusetts General Laws in 1976. Its main hub and base of operations is the Hyannis Transportation Center on Main Street in Hyannis, Massachusetts.[1]

Scheduled route service (called The Breeze until early 2008[8]) consists of seven year-round lines covering every town on mainland Cape Cod. During the summer months (late June through early September) service runs seven days a week from approximately 5:30 am until midnight, and is complimented by local shuttles in downtown Hyannis, Provincetown, and Woods Hole. Service is somewhat reduced in the shoulder season (Memorial Day to late June and Labor Day to Columbus Day) and is limited in the off season when four of the eight routes do not run and the remainder only operate 5:30 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday with most routes having reduced service on Saturday.

Service information[edit]

Route Name Termini Notes
Sealine Hyannis Main Street, Falmouth Continues to Woods Hole if the WHOOSH isn't running.
One morning inbound trip continues to the Sturgis Charter School.
H2O Hyannis Orleans One morning inbound trip continues to the Sturgis Charter School.
The Flex Dennis Port North Truro Continues to Bradford Street in Provincetown if The Shuttle isn't running.
Villager Hyannis Barnstable County Complex Stops North of Bearses Way are by request on weekends during the off season.
Continues to Barnstable Harbor by request during the summer.
Stops at the airport by request on all runs.
The Sandwich Line Hyannis Sagamore Park and Ride One morning inbound trip continues to the Sturgis Charter School
The Bourne Run Buzzards Bay Mashpee Commons
WHOOSH Trolley Main Street Famouth Steamship Authority Docks
Provincetown Shuttle North Truro Race Point Beach / First Pilgrims Park Weekends only during the shoulder season. First Pilgrims Park service is limited
(Hyannis Area Trolley)
Hyannis Kalmus Beach Free shuttle serving Veterans Park Beach, Kalmus Beach, and Sea Street Beach as well as various points on Main Street.
Runs year round
Runs in the summer and the shoulder season
Runs in the summer only

The Flex[edit]

The Flex is unique in that passengers may board or disembark up to 3/4 mile from the actual route itself. Off-route pickups can be scheduled by calling CCRTA customer service. Higher fares apply when boarding or disembarking off-route.


DART or "Dial a Ride Transportation" (formerly known as the "B-Bus") is the authority's federally mandated door to door paratransit service. Unlike many transit agencies (such as MBTA's THE RIDE) riders do not need to qualify on the basis of disability or income, and any person who resides within CCRTA's service area can utilize DART. Fares are $3 each way or $1.50 for seniors and disabled, and unlike fixed route service, DART can be scheduled on Sundays.


The CapeFLYER service is scheduled passenger rail service that runs between South Station in Boston and the Hyannis Transportation Center. The service operates on Friday evenings and on weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


Distance based fares were eliminated in 2006.[9] RFID equipped electronic fareboxes were introduced in 2012. Passengers may now pay their fares with an MBTA Charlie Card[10][11] or cash. As of January 2013, CCRTA fares are as follows:[12]

Regular (5-59) Reduced (60+/ Disabled)
Standard Fare $2.00 $1.00
Flex Off Route Fare $4.00 $2.00
One Day Pass $6.00 $3.00
Monthly Pass* $60.00 $30.00

*Valid for 31 days after initial validation.

Free transfers are available between the WOOSH and Sealine as well as the H2O East and West but not between other routes. Daily and monthly passes are valid on all routes, however a surcharge of $2.00 ($1.00 senior/ disabled) is collected for pass holders riding the Flex who board or disembark off-route.


CCRTA operates one paid park and ride at the Hyannis Transportation Center. Parking costs $6 per calendar day, and when combined with the free shuttle during the summer, it is advertised as a lower-cost alternative for visitors heading to the beach (parking at any Town of Barnstable beach costs up to $15 a day for cars without a resident sticker.) Free parking is also available at or near several bus stops around the Cape, such as Cape Cod Community College.[13]

Former routes[edit]

  • In 2002, the CCRTA ran a two-month trial for a loop route around Chatham. The service did not continue beyond the trial due to poor public response.
  • The Hyannis Villager, which connected the Hyannis Transportation Center with the Barnstable Senior Center, Barnstable High School, and West Main Street, was discontinued in 2008 due to falling ridership.[14] This route has been partially replaced by the free Hyannis Area Trolley, although that service is not year round, and does not serve the high school or senior center.
  • A Yarmouth Shuttle also ran up until the 2009 season, primarily serving the motels located on Route 28. The service was quietly removed from the CCRTA website, route maps, and schedules in early 2010.


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