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This article is about a prison in South Africa. For the Ford Focus C-MAX MPV, see Ford Focus C-MAX.
C Max
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Coordinates 25°45′40″S 28°10′55″E / 25.761°S 28.182°E / -25.761; 28.182 (C Max)Coordinates: 25°45′40″S 28°10′55″E / 25.761°S 28.182°E / -25.761; 28.182 (C Max)
Security class Maximum
Population 100
Managed by Department of Correctional Services (South Africa)
Warden Zhile Mbiza

C Max is the maximum security division of the Pretoria Correctional Services located in Central Pretoria, South Africa. It is run by the South African Department of Correctional Services.


The division is specifically designed for violent and disruptive prisoners who have been classified as dangerous in terms of the South African Criminal Procedure Act. Prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours of each day out and specialized equipment, such as electric shields, are used by the prison guards. It consists of two rows of fifty cells each.

Prison escape[edit]

In November 2006, Annanias Mathe became the first person to escape from C Max. Mathe, who had extensive military training gained during the Mozambique civil war, is reported to have escaped by covering his body in Vaseline and squeezing through his tiny cell window 20 by 60 centimetres (8 by 24 in). Mathe had been detained on more than 50 charges, including murder, rape, armed robbery and hijacking.[1] He was recaptured two weeks after his escape following a large manhunt.[2]

Notable inmates[edit]

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