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McCaffrey, sometimes spelled Caffrey, is an Irish surname. It is found mostly in the Counties Fermanagh, Monaghan, Cavan and Tyrone in the north west of Ireland. Ballymccaffrey is a townland outside Tempo in county Fermanagh. The surname is an Anglicised form of the Gaelic names Mac Gafraidh, Mac Gofraidh, which mean "son of Gafraidh", "son of Gofraidh". The Gaelic names are forms of the Old Norse Lothbrök . Notable people with the surname include:





  • John Caffery born Fermanagh County Ireland 1670. Emigrated to Virginia 1690. Member Virginia House of Burgesses. Great Grandfather of Capt. John Caffery.
  • Capt. John Caffery Sheriff Bedford, Virginia. Signatory to the Cumberland Compact. Son-in-law of Col. John Donelson, member Virginia House of Burgesses; co-founder of the City of Nashville, and father-in-law of President Andrew Jackson.
  • Donelson Caffery I Judge 16th JDC Louisiana. Son of Capt. John Caffery. Father of U.S. Senator Donelson Caffery II.
  • Donelson Caffery II Louisiana State Senator. U.S Senator from Louisiana. Grandfather of U.S. Representative Patrick Caffery.
  • Jefferson Caffery U.S.Ambassador to San Salvador, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil, France and Egypt. Assistant Secretary of State. 2nd Cousin of U.S. Senator Donelson Caffery II.
  • Donelson Caffery III District Attorney 16th JDC, Louisiana. Son of Donelson Caffery II. Brother of Edward Caffery and John Caffery. Uncle of Patrick Caffery.
  • John Caffery Louisiana State Senator. Son Of Donelson Caffery II. Brother of Donelson Caffery III and Edward Caffery. Uncle of U.S. Representative Patrick Caffery.
  • Edward Caffery U.S. Counsel to Bucharest, Havana, San Jose, and Niagra Falls. Brother of Donelson Caffery III, John Caffery and Uncle of Patrick Caffery.
  • Patrick Caffery Louisiana State Representative. U.S. Representative from Louisiana. grandson of U.S. Senator Donelson Caffery II

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