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Ó Conchobhair
Parent houseUí Briúin Ai / Síl Muiredaig
FoundedAD 75[1]
FounderConchobar mac Taidg Mór
Current headDesmond O'Conor, O'Conor Don
Final rulerFedlim Geancach Ó Conchobair

The O'Conor dynasty (Middle Irish: Ó Conchobhair; Modern Irish: Ó Conchúir) are an Irish noble dynasty and formerly one of the most influential and distinguished royal dynasties in Ireland. The O'Conor family held the throne of the Kingdom of Connacht up until 1475. Having ruled it on and off since 967, they ruled continuously from 1102 to 1475. Moreover, the O'Conor parent house the Uí Briúin and Síol Muireadaigh ruled Connacht on many occasions – but not continuously – between 482 and 956. The house of O'Conor also produced two High Kings of Ireland, Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair and his son Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair, the last High King of Ireland. The family seat is Clonalis House outside Castlerea in County Roscommon.

The current O'Conor Don is Desmond O'Conor (b. 22 September 1938) who lives in Rotherfield, East Sussex in England.[2]


The Ó Conor Don is the head of a lineage which provided about one hundred Kings of Connacht,[3] thirty Chiefs of the Name and two High Kings of Ireland, Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair (1088–1156), and his son Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair (c. 1115–1198), the last High King.

During the late 14th century, the Ó Conor dynasty was grouped into two main divisions, one led by Toirdhealbhach Óg Donn Ó Conchobair, the other by Felim MacAedh Ó Conchobair. From these descended the families of Ó Conchubhair Donn anglicized as O'Conor Don and Ó Conchubhair Ruadh anglicized as O'Conor Roe (now extinct). The O'Conor family like all Gaelic Nobility followed Brehon law system up until the 16th century. Therefore, they did not follow primogeniture. The Kings, or Chiefs of the O'Conor family would be elected by a close kinship group. This did frequently result in bitter feuds and lead to civil wars within the Kingdom, therefore at times dramatically weakening the family's power in Connacht and in Ireland.

Descent from Turlough Mor O'Conor, Monarch of Ireland[edit]

The O'Conor Don line[edit]

Isabella, Countess O'Rourke, grandmother of Charles O'Conor of Ballinagare (1710–1791).
Denis O'Conor of Ballinagare (Donnchadh Liath) (b. 1674), Charles' father.
Charles O'Conor of Ballinagare (1710–1791) , in middle age.
Denis O'Conor of Ballinagare (1732–1804), Charles' eldest son, in middle age.
Charles O'Conor of Mount Allen (1736–1808) as a young man.
Revd Dr Charles O'Conor (1764–1828), grandson of Charles O'Conor of Ballinagare (1710-1791) who was also a historian of note but created controversy during his lifetime.
Owen O'Conor of Ballinagare. He purchased Clonalis estate in 1805 and inherited the O'Conor Don title in 1820. Owen moved his family and household to Clonalis in that year and left Ballinagare Castle.
  • Turlough O'Conor, King of Connacht
    • Aedh O'Conor, King of Connacht
      • Turlough O'Conor, King of Connacht
        • Aedh O'Conor, King of Connacht
          • Ruaidhri O'Conor
            • Turlough O'Conor
        • Felim Geanach O'Conor, The Last King of Connacht
          • Owen Ceach O'Conor, O'Conor Don
            • Carbery O'Conor, O'Conor Don
              • Dermot O'Conor, O'Conor Don
                • Sir Hugh O'Conor, O'Conor Don of Ballintubber Castle (1541-1632). Member of Parliament.
                  • Calvach O'Conor, O'Conor Don of Ballintubber Castle (1584–1655).
                  • Hugh Og O'Conor of Castlerea.
                    • General Daniel O'Conor of Castlerea. He served in the Spanish Army.
                      • Colonel Andrew O'Conor, O'Conor Don of Clonalis
                  • Cathal O'Conor of Bellanagare (1597–1634).
                    • Major Owen O'Conor of Bellanagare (d. 1692).
                    • Charles og O'Conor (d.1696)
                      • Denis O'Conor of Bellanagare (b. 1674).
                        • Charles O'Conor of Bellanagre (1710–1791).
                          • Denis O'Conor of Bellnagare (1732–1804).
                            • Owen O'Conor, O'Conor Don of Clonalis and Bellanagare(1763–1831), Inherited the O'Conor Don on the death of his distant cousin Alexander 'Sandy' O'Conor, O'Conor Don of Clonalis in 1820.
                              • Denis O'Conor, O'Conor Don (1794–1847).
                                • Charles Owen O'Conor, O'Conor Don (1838–1906).
                                  • Denis Charles Joseph O'Conor, O'Conor Don(1860–1917).
                                  • Owen Phelim O'Conor, O'Conor Don (1870–1943).
                                  • Charles Hugh O'Conor of Lucan House, Co. Dublin (1872–1939).
                                    • Rev. Charles Denis Mary Joseph Anthony O'Conor, O'Conor Don(1906–1981). As he was a Jesuit Priest, the title was inherited by his second cousin Denis Armar O'Conor.
                                  • Roderick Joseph O'Conor (1872–1878).
                                • Denis Maurice O'Conor (1840–1883).
                                  • Charles William O'Conor (1878–1963).
                                    • Denis Armar O'Conor, O'Conor Don (1912–2000). He inherited the title from his second cousin, the Rev. Charles O'Conor.
                                      • Desmond Roderic O'Conor, O'Conor Don (born 1938).
                                        • Phillip Hugh O'Conor (Born 1967).
                                      • Kieran Denis O'Conor (Born 1958).
                                        • Eoin Roderic O'Conor (Born 1992).
                                        • Hugh Armar O'Conor (Born 1996).
                                      • Rory Dominic O'Conor (Born 1963).
                                    • Roderic Charles O'Conor (1913–1985).
                                      • Brian O'Conor (Born 1957).
                              • Edward O'Conor. Agent to his father and then to his brother.
                            • Dr Charles O'Conor(1764–1828).
                            • Denis O'Conor (b.1770).
                            • Roderick O'Conor (b.1772).
                            • Matthew O'Conor of Mount Druid (1773–1844).
                              • Denis O'Conor of Mount Druid (d.1862)
                                • Charles Matthew O'Conor of Mount Druid.
                                • Owen Denis O'Conor (b.1851).
                                • Denis A. O'Conor (b.1853).
                              • Arthur O'Conor of the Palace, Elphin (d.1870)
                                • Arthur Matthew O'Conor of the Palace, Elphin (b.1855).
                                • Charles Matthew O'Conor (b.1859).
                                • Major Maurice Matthew O'Conor.
                                • Martin O'Conor.
                                • Owen O'Conor.
                                • Matthew O'Conor.
                          • Charles O'Conor of Mount Allen (1736–1808)
                        • Daniel O'Conor.
                        • Hugh O'Conor.
                        • Rev. Roger O'Conor. He was a Roman Catholic priest.
                        • Rev. Matthew O'Conor. He was a Roman Catholic priest.
                  • Bryan Roe O'Conor.
                    • Roger O'Conor.
                      • Owen O'Conor (d.1766).
                        • Roderic O'Conor (d. 1781).
                          • Bernard O'Conor.
                          • Thomas O'Conor(d.1832).
                            • Patrick O'Conor of Dun Dermott (d.1860).
                              • Patrick Hugh O'Conor of Dundermot. (d.1877).
                              • Roderick Thomas O'Conor (1839-1858). Died in a shooting accident.
                              • Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Conor of Dun Dermott (1843–1908).
                            • Roderic O'Conor(1791–1879).
                              • Thomas Roderick O'Conor (b.1849)
                            • Thomas Nicholas O'Conor (b.1793)
                          • Patrick O'Conor.
                        • Major Thomas O'Conor of Miltown.
                          • Roderic O'Conor of Miltown.
                            • Dillon O'Conor
                            • Richard O'Conor.
                            • Roderic O'Conor of Miltown (1794-1868).
                              • Roderick Joseph O'Conor (1835-1893)
                              • Alfred John O'Conor.
                              • Eugene O'Conor
                            • Aylward O'Conor (1805–1877).
                              • Roderick O'Conor
                              • Bindon Blood O'Conor
                              • William Frederick O'Conor
                              • Dillon O'Conor
                              • Aylward Owen Blood O'Conor (1842–1911).
                                • Captain Aylward Robert O'Conor (1872–1952).
                                  • Lt.-Colonel Roderic Aylward O'Conor (1910–2003).
                                    • Turlough Roderic Rosetti O'Conor (b. 1937)
                                      • Roderic Arthur Allen O'Conor (b. 1960)
                                      • John Gabriel Turlough O'Conor (b. 1964)
                                • Reverend William Owen O'Conor (1878–1919).
                          • Captain Owen O'Conor.
                        • Rev. Bernard O'Conor

The O'Conor Roe line[edit]

  • Felim MacHugh O'Conor, King of Connacht (died 1316)
    • Hugh O'Conor, O'Conor Roe(died 1368)
      • Owen Finn O'Conor (d.1362)
      • Felim Cleireach O'Conor
      • Turlough Roe O'Conor, O'Conor Roe (died 1425)
        • Teige O'Conor, O'Conor Roe(died 1464)
          • Turlough O'Conor(d.1452)
          • Dermot Roe O'Conor(d.1446)
            • Rory O'Conor(d.1468)
            • Teige O'Conor(d.1478)
          • Conor O'Conor(d.1466)
          • Felim Finn O'Conor, O'Conor Roe(died 1490)
            • Hugh O'Conor, O'Conor Roe(died 1503)
              • Carbry O'Conor, O'Conor Roe
            • Turlough O'Conor(d.1489)
              • Teige O'Conor(d.1502)
            • Con O'Conor(d.1493)
              • Brian O'Conor(d.1489)
              • Hugh O'Conor
          • Brian Duv O'Conor(d.1466)
            • Dermot O'Conor(d.1489)
        • Donagh Dubhshuileach O'Conor
        • Cathal Duv O'Conor
          • Rory O'Conor
            • Owen O'Conor(d.1466)
            • Hugh Duv O'Conor (d.1466)
          • Cathal Roe O'Conor(d.1451)
            • Teige Buidh O'Conor, O'Conor Roe(died 1534)
              • Calvagh O'Conor of Cloonakilly
                • Brian Ballagh O'Conor
                • Teige O'Conor
                  • Hugh O'Conor
                    • Teige O'Conor (d.1693)
                    • Charles O'Conor (d.1692 in Germany)
              • Turlough O'Conor, O'Conor Roe
                • Hugh O'Conor, O'Conor Roe
                • Charles O'Conor, O'Conor Roe
                  • Hugh O'Conor, O'Conor Roe
                    • Roger O'Conor, O'Conor Roe He was the Governor of Civitavecchia. He was Living in 1734. After his death the title of O'Conor Roe became extinct.
              • Roderic O'Conor(d.1552)
              • Teige O'Conor, O'Conor Roe (died 1592)
                • Teige Boy O'Conor(d.1588)
                  • Charles O'Conor
                • Donagh O'Conor(d.1631)
                  • Dermot O'Conor
          • Brian O'Conor
            • Teige O'Conor(d.1466)
            • Brian Oge O'Conor(d.1482)
        • Hugh O'Conor
          • Rory O'Conor
      • Brian Balagh O'Conor(d.1418)
        • Brian O'Conor(d.1487)
          • Teige O'Conor(d.1466)
          • Hugh O'Conor(d.1484)
        • Turlough Roe O'Conor(d.1452)
          • Turlough O'Conor(d.1478)
            • Rory O'Conor(d.1492)
          • Felim O'Conor(d.1468)
        • Donagh O'Conor(d.1478)
          • Teige O'Conor(d.1467)
          • Hugh Duv O'Conor(d.1467)
        • Rory O'Conor(d.1485)
          • Cathal O'Conor(d.1488)
          • Hugh O'Conor(d.1481)
            • Carbry O'Conor(d.1474)
              • Calvagh O'Conor(d.1497)
              • Teige Roe O'Conor(d.1497)

Key figures[edit]

Kings of Connacht[edit]

Chiefs of the name[edit]

  • Toirdhealbhach Óg Donn mac Aodha meic Toirdhealbhaigh, d. 9 December 1406.
  • Cathal mac Ruaidhri Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 19 March 1439.
  • Aodh mac Toirdhealbhaigh Óig Ó Conchobhair Donn, d.15 May 1461.
  • Feidhlimidh Geangcach mac Toirdhealbhaigh Óig Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1474 – last fully recognised King of Connacht.
  • Tadhg mac Eoghain Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1476.
  • Eoghan Caoch mac Feidhlimidh Gheangcaigh Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1485.
  • Aodh Og mac Aodh Ó Conchobhair Donn
  • Toirdhealbhach Óg mac Ruaidhri Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1503
  • Conchobhar mac Eoghain Chaoich Ó Conchobhair Donn
  • Cairbre mac Eoghain Chaoich Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1546
  • Aodh mac Eoghain Chaoich Ó Conchobhair Donn, deposed 1550
  • Diarmaid mac Cairbre Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1585
  • Sir Hugh/Aedh Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1632
  • An Calbhach mac Aedh Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1654 – popularly inaugurated king in 1643.
  • Hugh Óg mac Aedh Ó Conchobhair Donn, d. 1662.
  • Andrew O'Connor Don of Clonalis
  • Dominick O'Connor Don of Clonalis, d. 1795
  • Alexander O'Connor Don, d. 1820
  • Owen O'Connor Don of Clonalis and Ballinagare, d.1831
  • Denis O'Conor Don of Clonalis, 1794–1847
  • Charles Owen O'Conor Don, 1838–1906
  • Denis Charles O'Conor Don, 1869–1917
  • Owen Phelim O'Conor Don, 1870–1943
  • Fr. Charles O'Conor Don, 1906–1981
  • Denis O'Conor Don, 1912 – 10 July 2000
  • Desmond O'Conor Don (Former Chairman of the British-Chile Chamber of Commerce, former banker, resides in Sussex), b.1938

Other notable members of the family[edit]

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