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"VOX (TV network)" redirects here. For the television channel in Germany, see VOX (TV channel).
MAtv Montréal.jpg
Launched 1970
Owned by Vidéotron
(Quebecor Media)
Slogan Your Community's Voice, Powered By Videotron
Country Canada
Broadcast area Provincial
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec
Formerly called Vox (to 2012)
Website MATV (French)
Vidéotron Channel 9 (SD)
Channel 609 (HD)

MATV (stylised as MAtv) are Canadian community channels operated by the cable provider Vidéotron within the province of Quebec.


the last logo for VOX, used until 2012.

Until November 19, 2012, MATV was previously known as Canal Vox or VOX (Voice Channel, representing the community "voice"). On that day, the network was relaunched as MATV, with a planned focus on more viewer-produced programming.[1]

On September 5, 2013, Vidéotron announced that they filed an application to the CRTC for permission to launch an English-language version of the channel, MYtv. The new channel, similar in format to MATV, will focus on Greater Montreal's anglophone communities. Vidéotron intends on only having one MYtv channel, which will serve Greater Montreal, but may make that channel available in other Vidéotron service areas with a sizable anglophone population.[2][3] Contemporaneously with the application, a community group called ICTV filed an application to take over management of MAtv, alleging that Vidéotron was failing in its responsibility to provide public access and community programming.[4]

In its final decision, the CRTC agreed with ICTV's position on MAtv's regulatory non-compliance, but declined to transfer the license to ICTV.[4] According to the commission, MAtv's schedule comprised just 30 per cent public access programming compared to its license requirement of 45 per cent, and instead was counting shows hosted and produced by professional broadcasters as public access.[4] In addition, the majority of the channel's schedule comprised general interest programming shared by all of Vidéotron's community channels across Quebec, rather than being specifically oriented toward Montreal.[4] The CRTC authorized the creation of the English language channel, while setting out a number of new regulatory compliance conditions for MAtv.[4]

In September 2015, MAtv launched five new English programs to reflect Montreal's community. "The community channel is devoting 20 per cent of its schedule to programming in English, roughly the same as the proportion of Montrealers who are anglophone."[5]


MAtv is the public space powered by Videotron. Serving the community, the channel is exclusively for Videotron's customers and reflects the diversity of Quebec. It provides access to a space for everyone that fosters participation, expression and distribution of content. Useful, informative and educational, MAtv promotes local interests and supports the emergence of talent.



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