Canon FP

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Canon FP
Canon FP.jpg
Type 35mm SLR
Lens mount Canon FL lens mount
Focus Manual
Exposure Manual, no onboard meter
Flash PC Connector only
Dimensions 141 × 90 × 83 mm, 940 g (with 50mm f/1.8)

The Canon FP is a 35 mm SLR manufactured by Canon Inc. of Japan and introduced in October 1964. It introduced the Canon FL lens mount, the successor to the Canon R.[1] It is effectively a Canon FX without the built-in lightmeter, and was intended for photographers who did not want that feature and used an external lightmeter. Canon sold an external lightmeter with the same specifications as the FX's built-in.

The shutter is a horizontally traveling focal plane shutter supporting speeds between 1/1000 and 1 second in full stop increments, selected by a dial on the top plate on the photographer's right. The X-sync speed for flash is 1/55 sec.; flash support was through a PC socket on the front of the body.

The viewfinder uses a glass pentaprism and gives coverage of 90% of the frame vertically and 93% horizontally, with a 0.9× magnification (with a 50 mm standard lens).

The FP was available with either silver or black metal parts.


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